Friday, May 28, 2010

Tell The Truth!

Detroit Public School System Cuts Fine Arts

Ok BabyKayKs, this sends me! I am an advocate for the arts. I believe they give children an outlet to express what math and science cant help them express. I believe the arts encourage discipline, personality, and self esteem in children. Most importantly they are an outlet for many inner city children who will not get top educational benefits simply because they are inner city kids. Questlove (drummer extraordinaire , The Roots) re tweeted a tweet the other day that said:
Detroit lays off all fine arts teachers.
Though I couldnt immediately blog it, it caught my eye & I couldnt believe it!! I went to the other people's pages whom Quest had RT'd and saw a link that shines a broader light on this nonsense. The lawyer Joyce Schon representing the teachers laid off wrote the following:

I am an attorney for the Detroit Board of Education in a lawsuit against Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, over academic control of DPS. Bobb has given layoff notices to every music and art teacher in the district, including those at Cass Tech and Detroit School of the Arts. He plans to have one citywide chorus, one orchestra, one band etc, as extra-curricular activities that students may only qualify for only if they have good grades. Any music or art classes or programs in individual schools would be supported, if at all, only with private funds.The School Board’s plan includes music and art in every school at every level, with a lobbying effort at the state and federal level to increase funding for art and music education.I am a product of DPS schools, a life-long classical music and opera-lover, and a great believer in music as one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. I personally cannot bear the possibility that Detroit’s students could be denied the very classes that I considered my lifeline for survival and growth as a student and as a human being.We believe that removing art and music teachers from virtually all public schools would result in irreparable harm to the children of Detroit.

BabyKayKs Im not sure how anyone could think what Detroit PSS is doing a good idea, but I thought I'd inform you all of whats happening. Im going to do a little more research and give you ways to help make your voice heard if youd like to. The arts are very very important to our children. This is out right wrong. S/O to Questlove for putting this out there on a broader stage. As I always say, please be knowledgeable of the plight of others. You may be able to change it, or it may be able to change you. TNT Babykayks

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