Friday, May 14, 2010

Tell The Truth

King to King

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Rapper T.I. did an exceptional job in this interview with Larry King, who I feel was in a bit over his head with some of these questions/comments. I was just like what?!..but hey Im not the interviewer. I was actually impressed by how fluent, educational, well thought TIP's answers were. Not that I think him ignorant at all, but because its one thing to be smart, but another thing to be able to handle such heavy questions in such a huge interview with such ease.

I also appreciate this interview because it exposes America to some knowledge that a lot of people (Larry King) being not have to deal with. They dont know the reality of being shot at, having to protect yourself because as TIP explains in many cases the law doesnt care before or after the fact (BIG, TPac). Just very proud of how this interview went. Many funny moments especially for me when Larry said, "Swagger Like Us" & "How did you get a singin career?!" & "Well we been rappin 4 a hour!" hahahaa! Also when the lady calls Tiny Toya and TIP's face is like ummm... hahahaaa! Again, welcome home TIP.. Enjoy BabyKayKs

..theres no mistake that you make thats too great that you cant bounce back from..
..In my eyes Im already married!..

Sidebar: Tiny...Ive never ever though your honey was attractive..but after seeing this interview..he's def a cutie lol.. I say that in the most respectful way lol. I LOVE that he shouts Tiny & Zonnique out. Love that he embraces her though she is not his biologically.

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