Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tboz Celebrates Birthday!

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So Im sure most of you were raised on TLC as I was. They made music that made women proud to be strong, opinionated, sexy, and all around beautiful women. When considering what music I'll share with my children in my home as my parents did with their motown classics- "Unpretty" & "Waterfalls" will DEF be two songs played. They are such beautiful records, and they mean something unlike most of the other stuff our generation has produced (no apologies here). Annnnywho this blog isnt about TLC as a group...but its about the T. -->Tionne-->(T-Boz)lol who celebrated her bday last night at Havana Club. She looked so cute! I low key wanted to be TBoz when I was little because I thought her voice was soooooo dope! hahaa! What I love more about TBoz now that Im older (I still think her voice is incredible) but her work for sickle cell anemia and her decision to live her life as productively as possible while having it.

Thanks to Freddyo again, we have some pics! There were lots of people in the house and from the looks of it they had a great time. TBoz's cake was a Louboutin (you know we love those heehee). I wish TBoz much success in all of her endeavors and personally extend my heartfelt thanks to all three of the ladies of TLC, TBoz, LeftEye(R.I.L.), and Chilli for making the music that they did! More pics below.

Of course Chilli was in there to celebrate with TBoz...I believe it was also Frank SKi's bday celebration partly as well!

This I believe is Cristal of Enchanted PR who does PR for Chilli and Cristyle and a few other wonderful people. Click to Follow her.

I wanted to post her on here because she's shown so much love and she doesnt have to. There are celebs (well they believe they are) who have a billion stories on this blog and I cant get them to RT ever! lol...not that they have to, but you'd think theyd want people reading positive stuff about them as much as possible. Maybe they dont know any better...maybe they need better PR- get em Enchanted! Hahaha Alrighty TNT BabyKayks

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