Friday, May 28, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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Wow! I cant say I didnt know it was coming.. let me give a brief and interesting history. You never really know where life is gonna take you. As a child I used to hear my oldest brother Frank BLARING Boyz II Men and Men of Standard non stop. Like they were it for him, them and Kim Burrell. I come from a family of singers/musicians so if someone is good or hot..we're usually on top of who they are. Isaac was one of the guys in the group who just killed all of the time (did very well for those of you who dont know that lingo lol) he was always considered a beast amongst us. This guy's range and skill was just impeccable. Once I got of age and was able to listen to my own cd's and such, because I was already introduced to groups like Men of Standard I honestly feel as though it was easier for me to continue to listen to gospel music and not just totally shun it as uncool. What I mean by that is they gave young people an alternative to hymns and such. Not that hymns arent good, but teens usually dont care to listen to them lol. Also in the 90s the R&B grove was in and MOS always had: dope beats, great lyrics and arrangements, but they also managed to keep the message. So they were a healthy and "cool" alternative amongst us church kids. I remember banging their "Feels Like Rain" album OUT! We all did, they were just that hot.

Once I came away to college in Atlanta I was encouraged by a family member to connect with my current Pastor and ministry, and once doing so was asked to come join the Praise Team they were assembling. Lo' and behold Ike was over the team. At that point I felt like WOW...Im singing with THE Isaac Carree! Everyone back home felt the same way, like he was big time to us! I was not let down either. Ike proved to be even more incredible vocally live than on the albums. I soon learned to love Ike not just as an amazing singer, but as a brother. His family became my family. I am eternally grateful to God for letting me cross paths with them. I have learned, grown, been challenged, and embraced by these people and it has helped me to be a better person. Soon after meeting Isaac I met his sister Kim and sister in law Becky who have become my play big sister and best friend respectively. Ike, his wife Dietra, sisters, children have been instrumental in turning Atlanta into a place I can call home. They have fed me, given me a place to rest and clown (THEY are fools! lol), clothed me, I mean the list goes on.. overall they became family away from the family I am so close to in IL. I thank God for them.

Now that thats out of the way it gives me GREAT honor to introduce to you all Ike's first single as a solo artist, "Simply Redeemed". I have always known that at some point the men of MOS would produce solo projects simply because they are just too anointed and talented to be singing behind each other for Men of Standard's latest project "Surrounded" continued in the legacy of music that young and old could enjoy and want to play just as they play mainstream RnB & Pop, and I can gaurantee that Ike will not fail us in that arena with this album. Though I havent gotten a sneak listen or anything ( side eye lol) Im sure this project will without a doubt be one you'll want to turn up. I can gaurantee you'll want to dance, shout, cry, smile and know more about Christ after hearing it. Id consider Ike a gospel Usher with Waaaaayyyyy more vocal skill and waaaayyy less dance ability! HAhahahahaha!!!! J/k j/k ..he always tried to get us to do choreography on the team-thats a little inside joke! This first single "Simply Redeemed" is a slow groove, but it still demonstrates Ike's instrument as well as showcases some amazing writing. This is the EPK teaser for the album. Featured you'll see some of his family as well as some of the song writers/ producers he is working with on it...can you say HEAVY HITTERS!? Yea he's coming BIG with this album!

I hope you enjoy today's MTMM..its a bit different from the usual posts with the video being interrupted at moments, but you still get to hear the message and feel the music overall. I pray God continues to cover Ike and his ministry and will keep you all updated all the way. Call your local stations and request this record! Cant wait for this album TRUST ME its gonna be HOT!..Have I ever steered yall wrong?! Get it when it comes out-I'll be sure to let you know when that is! TNT BabyKayks oh & s/o to KD Bowe (the guy doing the voice right!?) I'm not perfect, I am simply redeemed..

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