Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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It never fails - another blog posts a rumored story and I get an email to blog about the same thing. Im afraid that no matter how much I talk about how I would like to keep a blog about real life, positive, and inspirational things...people still will try to make it like the other blogs. Well to my BabyKayK who asked me to blog about the situation Jive recording artist K. Michelle is in...I apologize, but thats not my business nor is it positive. What I will do is post the song that you referenced, because I dig it, and I think its very motivational. It speaks of moving forward no matter what! Im not sure whats going on with all of the parties involved, but I wish them all the best!!! I have listened to this song 4 times already, she's going hard, but Im sure some of you have felt this way before! Enjoy BabyKayks!

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