Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music That Moves Me

50 50 Music Group & The D. Wright Foundation & Friends Pay Tribute to MJ with "Earth Song Remake 2010"

Last weekend at Chris "Deep" Henderson's bday party, I had the opportunity to meet Prophet of 5050 Music Group. Today's feature is done in part by artists of 50/50! Its an amazing cover of Michael Jackson's already amazing "Earth Song". You have the likes of: my boy Corey Mekell, the beautiful Dani Wright (who according to Prophet was the visionary behind the whole video), the legacy of R&B legends The Leverts carried on by Carlysia,and a host of other amazing talents. My major shout out though goes to my extended fam Libby in the video!!!! As SOOOON as I heard that voice I knew it was her rocking that top hat :) Ive known Lib her entire life...our families are very close and Im glad to see her doing what she has literally ALWAYS been doing. Cant wait for her project to come out- she is "dope" lol. Go Lib!

There are many more people in the video, a full list of participants can be found below. Make sure you look out for 50/50 Music Group, Dani' Wright (please check out her videos on youtube...she is great) and Corey Mekell another amazing artist here in Atlanta doing great things. As far as Carlysia Im sure there is more coming from her and Libby, well I promise you'll dig her! Overall there is some wonderful talent in this one video, and for such a great cause. Not only did they cover a beautiful song, but the imagery and whole video is just perfect. It is so touching that at one point I almost teared up.

I hope you all are inspired to help keep our World the beautiful place it was meant to be. That could mean making a vow not to litter, to recycle, or to donate to various charities for disaster relief. We can all do something! TNT BabyKayks..loooove this video...kudos to all of you! Breath taking!

Produced By Dani' Wright & Directed By Prophet
Video by:Ed Magic, Basim Abdel’Aziz, & Michael Melendy

Cormelio Austin
Eric B
Chantel Christie
J. Doe
Kaitlene Howard
Jimi James
Luke James
Miss Queen LaRae
Carlysia Levert
Stevie Mackey
Corey Mekell
Ashlegh Rae
Mild Stokes
JD Thompson
Amanda Ward
Justin Walker
Dani Wright

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