Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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I brag about this chic all of the time, and she would probably rather me not, but I believe in giving honor to who deserves honor and Cri$tyle so deserves it. I did a blog about her before (on her bday I believe), so you can look that one up to learn more about how/when I met her. All you need to know concerning this post is that she penned one of my favorite songs, "Shattered Hearts" by Brandy, and many many other incredible records for the likes of: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, & Janet Jackson..ummm yea. lol. Whenever she comes up in conversation, its usually about that, and you obviously can see why...thats a CRAZY work history for anybody..let alone a young woman who really hasnt been in the game that long.

So in speaking about her discography as a writer people are always blown away, well...when I first met Cri$tyle I didnt know anything about her being a writer. I was introduced to Cri$tyle the singer, and what an amazingly clear, controlled, and simply beautiful voice that was. So Im forever telling people, "oh yea she's a dope writer, but you should hear her sing"...and Im SO glad that Ive gotten my hands on this acapella National Anthem thanks to Gyant Unplugged! I didnt have any words to describe it last night when I first heard it, and really dont have many right now.

Its one thing to be a person who can sing runs & riffs all over the place (which she can very well do), but those type of singers dont really move me anymore. Im priveledged to have been exposed to some of the BEST runners ever over my lifetime and I appreciate them, but it takes a little more to impress my ear these days. What captures me about a voice now is moreso: tone, the clarity in it, the dynamics or color, and control demonstrated. Here is an example of what I mean by that. The lucidity of $tyle's voice in those falsetto moments is just remarkable. You can also understand e.ver.y. syllable she's singing! A+! lol

The few people Ive worked with KNOW Im a stickler for that. Her phrasing is great also. This song is one of the most beautifully arranged I forces some dynamic, but for that very reason it presents a challenge to most singers, quite fun to sing though. Another example of a voice that I love is the young lady Tiffany featured a few days ago in this section. They (Tiff and $tyle) manage to display serenity and effervescency at the same time. The song is made a journey not just by the lyrics, but by the compliment of their see? This is what it really means to call yourself a singer/songwriter. I think a lot of people say it because they think they go together..and they do- in cases like this. Anywho enough of my jibborish.. check this out. Enjoy BabyKayks

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