Monday, May 3, 2010

Massive Oil Spill of Gulf of Mexico

Bird being rescued out of an oil spill click for the full article

I know I dont blog Sat-Mon but I thought this was important. Unless you've been under a rock for the past 10+ days or just being ignorant to whats happening in the country you live in.. there was a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you know anything about oil spills they can be detrimental to not only the people living in the surrounding areas but the wildlife as well. Even those of you who are so unlike me and could care less about fish and birds have to be moved by the idea of them being engulfed in oil.

I thank God for the people/volunteers who get out there and try to save these animals/ stop these spills from is a giant of a task.This particular article about the spill is one I really liked because it put into perspective the BIGGER picture, which is until we start to appreciate this Earth for what it is and not what it can give us, we'll always suffer the consequences of greed. This post is kinda sad..but I hope that this blog can be more than a read full of entertainment, but that some way I can keep you all inspired to care more for yourselves and the world we are graced to live in. Check this article out and click the above photo for the full read. TNT BabyKayKs

A massive ecological and human disaster is unfurling in the Gulf Coast. An estimated five thousand barrels of crude oil steadily spew into the Gulf every day, threatening the lives, health, economy, and environment of an entire region...


  1. Hey Kayki, it's Katie. I love you for doing this post. Alot of people could care less about this oil spill but it really is horrible. I live about a hour from the gulf of Mexico here in Louisiana and I must say this spill is tragic. Not only were human lives lost but we will lose many animals as well. Commercial fisherman will be out of work and many ships coming into the ports of New Orleans will be covered in slick. It will take months if not years to recover from this type of damage. Please keep the families and the workers of the Horizon rig in your prayers!! Much love -Katie

  2. Thank you Katie for your insight! This is a huge deal to me and it should be to everyone. Please keep me updated and I will update the blog. You all are in my prayers! Thanks again for reading!