Friday, May 14, 2010

Robert Ector of Taylor-Ector Studios Knows "What Chilli Wants"

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Today celebrity photographer Rob Ector tweeted away about shooting the beautiful Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas here in Atlanta at the studio ran by he and his celeb stylist sister Leah Taylor. Chilli's PR (Christal of Enchanted PR) let us know via twitter that the shoot is for an upcoming issue of Hype Hair Magazine, we know Chilli has some beautiful hair. He called Chilli sexy, beautiful, and said she had the personality to match. Chilli's make up was done by the very talented Latasha Wright who I hear has a new line coming out (Ill try to get some details),hair by Val Hamilton, and of course styled by the lovely Leah Taylor.

While shooting he snuck the above pic and twitpic'd it with the title, "This is What Chilli Wants". How beautiful is Chilli at almost 40!? Girl stop playing and tell us youre 25! lol. I thought this pic was soo cute, look at his face! hahaha..Rob, Im sure many men feel like they are THE guy Chilli wants..but they dont have the pic to prove it ;) lol. Rob is BabyKayKs on twitter should follow him! Also I hear Chilli is in the June 2010 issue of sure to pick it up. TNT BabyKayKs

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