Friday, May 28, 2010


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OK, so for about a year of my Spelman College life I was a part of the BEST Glee Club this side of heaven! Yes SCGC is simply untouchable. While I have a load memories with loads of people I'd love to forget I also have loads of memories and people I pray I never forget Lauren being one of them! Lauren was like a breath of fresh air amongst lots of smug lol. She was so cool, goodhearted, and talented! I appreciated her because I felt like she was herself in a group full of conformers. I remember being overly annoyed with many of the staple characters in SCGC, I actually ended up leaving and joining the Jazz Ensemble where I found people who were as talented, but still walking on the ground. Lauren "Senorita Awesome" was one person who without knowing it made my year with the SCGC a lot easier to deal with. Once I left Glee I rarely saw her. Actually its been years since I have laid eyes on her in person. I knew she was an artist making her own music but for some odd reason I never ran into her at any spots or never got to hear her do what she does.

Well last night at Keep It Classic as I stood there with my girlie Promise, guess who walks up to me guitar in arm....none other than Senorita Awesome! LOL! I cant tell you how excited I was to see her. Im sure my other Spelman sisters can attest to this, when you run into a sister who you actually get along can be like a mini reunion where ever you are!! I was uberly excited to see her locs had grown longer and the guitar in hand let me know that I was gonna finally get to hear her sing. As the night progressed I started to get a bit anxious to hear her and another artist I was waiting to hear for the first time. Im glad I waited. Just as she was in SCGC Lauren was once again a breath of fresh air.

She got on a stage following rappers and heavy rap/r&b tracks with her guitar and a mic and sounded AMAZING! Now BabyKayks yall already know how eclectic my taste in music is, so I was sitting there thinking I hope people in here can appreciate this because I was loving it. Once she got off stage I went to let her know that I so dug her music and she let me know that she actually reads here every now and again, so you know my next thought..."do you have anything on youtube I can blog!?!?" LOL! Gotta love a blogger right? So found a few clips, this one I particularly liked and I wanted to share her with you all. I hope you dig my Spelsis! Well wishes to you Lauren and keep us updated! TNT BabyKayKs

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