Monday, May 31, 2010

New Music From Justin Bieber Ft. Jaden Smith


Just heard this cute little song by teen heart throb Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. Justin is the protege of Usher and of course Jaden is the adorable son of Will & Jada Smith as well as the new star of Karate Kid. Enjoy BabyKayks

Congrats To Celine Dion & her Husband Rene'

Celine Dion

A while ago I saw Celine (whom I LOVE!) on Oprah talking about how she and her husband Rene' were attempting to have another baby. The pair have a little boy together I believe he should be about 10 by now. Anywho, love their family...they are expecting twins!! Congrats to them!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rest In Love: Gary Coleman


Today fans and non fans alike are mourning the loss of one of TV's most known characters! 4 ft 8' Gary Coleman most famous for his role on Different Strokes died today at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo. Gary suffered a intracranial hemorrhage earlier this week. His health has been the focus of a lot of media for a while now along with his unsuspected marriage. Our prayers go out to his family and friends today! TNT BabyKayKs


Hahahaa..I HAD to post this. It is hilarious to me! Hope this makes you smile and laugh as it made me! SMH! ENjoy BAbyKAyks!

..where my motha fathas at?.. where my kids at?..

Tell The Truth!

Detroit Public School System Cuts Fine Arts

Ok BabyKayKs, this sends me! I am an advocate for the arts. I believe they give children an outlet to express what math and science cant help them express. I believe the arts encourage discipline, personality, and self esteem in children. Most importantly they are an outlet for many inner city children who will not get top educational benefits simply because they are inner city kids. Questlove (drummer extraordinaire , The Roots) re tweeted a tweet the other day that said:
Detroit lays off all fine arts teachers.
Though I couldnt immediately blog it, it caught my eye & I couldnt believe it!! I went to the other people's pages whom Quest had RT'd and saw a link that shines a broader light on this nonsense. The lawyer Joyce Schon representing the teachers laid off wrote the following:

I am an attorney for the Detroit Board of Education in a lawsuit against Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, over academic control of DPS. Bobb has given layoff notices to every music and art teacher in the district, including those at Cass Tech and Detroit School of the Arts. He plans to have one citywide chorus, one orchestra, one band etc, as extra-curricular activities that students may only qualify for only if they have good grades. Any music or art classes or programs in individual schools would be supported, if at all, only with private funds.The School Board’s plan includes music and art in every school at every level, with a lobbying effort at the state and federal level to increase funding for art and music education.I am a product of DPS schools, a life-long classical music and opera-lover, and a great believer in music as one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. I personally cannot bear the possibility that Detroit’s students could be denied the very classes that I considered my lifeline for survival and growth as a student and as a human being.We believe that removing art and music teachers from virtually all public schools would result in irreparable harm to the children of Detroit.

BabyKayKs Im not sure how anyone could think what Detroit PSS is doing a good idea, but I thought I'd inform you all of whats happening. Im going to do a little more research and give you ways to help make your voice heard if youd like to. The arts are very very important to our children. This is out right wrong. S/O to Questlove for putting this out there on a broader stage. As I always say, please be knowledgeable of the plight of others. You may be able to change it, or it may be able to change you. TNT Babykayks

Music That Moves Me

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Wow! I cant say I didnt know it was coming.. let me give a brief and interesting history. You never really know where life is gonna take you. As a child I used to hear my oldest brother Frank BLARING Boyz II Men and Men of Standard non stop. Like they were it for him, them and Kim Burrell. I come from a family of singers/musicians so if someone is good or hot..we're usually on top of who they are. Isaac was one of the guys in the group who just killed all of the time (did very well for those of you who dont know that lingo lol) he was always considered a beast amongst us. This guy's range and skill was just impeccable. Once I got of age and was able to listen to my own cd's and such, because I was already introduced to groups like Men of Standard I honestly feel as though it was easier for me to continue to listen to gospel music and not just totally shun it as uncool. What I mean by that is they gave young people an alternative to hymns and such. Not that hymns arent good, but teens usually dont care to listen to them lol. Also in the 90s the R&B grove was in and MOS always had: dope beats, great lyrics and arrangements, but they also managed to keep the message. So they were a healthy and "cool" alternative amongst us church kids. I remember banging their "Feels Like Rain" album OUT! We all did, they were just that hot.

Once I came away to college in Atlanta I was encouraged by a family member to connect with my current Pastor and ministry, and once doing so was asked to come join the Praise Team they were assembling. Lo' and behold Ike was over the team. At that point I felt like WOW...Im singing with THE Isaac Carree! Everyone back home felt the same way, like he was big time to us! I was not let down either. Ike proved to be even more incredible vocally live than on the albums. I soon learned to love Ike not just as an amazing singer, but as a brother. His family became my family. I am eternally grateful to God for letting me cross paths with them. I have learned, grown, been challenged, and embraced by these people and it has helped me to be a better person. Soon after meeting Isaac I met his sister Kim and sister in law Becky who have become my play big sister and best friend respectively. Ike, his wife Dietra, sisters, children have been instrumental in turning Atlanta into a place I can call home. They have fed me, given me a place to rest and clown (THEY are fools! lol), clothed me, I mean the list goes on.. overall they became family away from the family I am so close to in IL. I thank God for them.

Now that thats out of the way it gives me GREAT honor to introduce to you all Ike's first single as a solo artist, "Simply Redeemed". I have always known that at some point the men of MOS would produce solo projects simply because they are just too anointed and talented to be singing behind each other for Men of Standard's latest project "Surrounded" continued in the legacy of music that young and old could enjoy and want to play just as they play mainstream RnB & Pop, and I can gaurantee that Ike will not fail us in that arena with this album. Though I havent gotten a sneak listen or anything ( side eye lol) Im sure this project will without a doubt be one you'll want to turn up. I can gaurantee you'll want to dance, shout, cry, smile and know more about Christ after hearing it. Id consider Ike a gospel Usher with Waaaaayyyyy more vocal skill and waaaayyy less dance ability! HAhahahahaha!!!! J/k j/k ..he always tried to get us to do choreography on the team-thats a little inside joke! This first single "Simply Redeemed" is a slow groove, but it still demonstrates Ike's instrument as well as showcases some amazing writing. This is the EPK teaser for the album. Featured you'll see some of his family as well as some of the song writers/ producers he is working with on it...can you say HEAVY HITTERS!? Yea he's coming BIG with this album!

I hope you enjoy today's MTMM..its a bit different from the usual posts with the video being interrupted at moments, but you still get to hear the message and feel the music overall. I pray God continues to cover Ike and his ministry and will keep you all updated all the way. Call your local stations and request this record! Cant wait for this album TRUST ME its gonna be HOT!..Have I ever steered yall wrong?! Get it when it comes out-I'll be sure to let you know when that is! TNT BabyKayks oh & s/o to KD Bowe (the guy doing the voice right!?) I'm not perfect, I am simply redeemed..


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OK, so for about a year of my Spelman College life I was a part of the BEST Glee Club this side of heaven! Yes SCGC is simply untouchable. While I have a load memories with loads of people I'd love to forget I also have loads of memories and people I pray I never forget Lauren being one of them! Lauren was like a breath of fresh air amongst lots of smug lol. She was so cool, goodhearted, and talented! I appreciated her because I felt like she was herself in a group full of conformers. I remember being overly annoyed with many of the staple characters in SCGC, I actually ended up leaving and joining the Jazz Ensemble where I found people who were as talented, but still walking on the ground. Lauren "Senorita Awesome" was one person who without knowing it made my year with the SCGC a lot easier to deal with. Once I left Glee I rarely saw her. Actually its been years since I have laid eyes on her in person. I knew she was an artist making her own music but for some odd reason I never ran into her at any spots or never got to hear her do what she does.

Well last night at Keep It Classic as I stood there with my girlie Promise, guess who walks up to me guitar in arm....none other than Senorita Awesome! LOL! I cant tell you how excited I was to see her. Im sure my other Spelman sisters can attest to this, when you run into a sister who you actually get along can be like a mini reunion where ever you are!! I was uberly excited to see her locs had grown longer and the guitar in hand let me know that I was gonna finally get to hear her sing. As the night progressed I started to get a bit anxious to hear her and another artist I was waiting to hear for the first time. Im glad I waited. Just as she was in SCGC Lauren was once again a breath of fresh air.

She got on a stage following rappers and heavy rap/r&b tracks with her guitar and a mic and sounded AMAZING! Now BabyKayks yall already know how eclectic my taste in music is, so I was sitting there thinking I hope people in here can appreciate this because I was loving it. Once she got off stage I went to let her know that I so dug her music and she let me know that she actually reads here every now and again, so you know my next thought..."do you have anything on youtube I can blog!?!?" LOL! Gotta love a blogger right? So found a few clips, this one I particularly liked and I wanted to share her with you all. I hope you dig my Spelsis! Well wishes to you Lauren and keep us updated! TNT BabyKayKs

Kayki's Closet

WOWZERS right!? Now, Im not too much into snake skinned anything. Never really have been moved by the pattern of it on clothing, but this is lizard skin..and are these shoes not hot? I love them! For a small fee of 2235 these Corseted Lizard Sandals By Tabitha Simmons can be yours lol!!! Small fee right? smh! Hope you like these!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WH Events In Atlanta

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You know how you can hear a word one day that you think you've never heard before and then suddenly you hear it all of the time after that? Well I have those experiences a lot, but in different ways. Case in point; about a week ago I was on Peter St. visiting my friend Alex's coffee shop (Coffee Loft 322 Peter St!) and decided to stop into Adrene's store. Mind you I'd seen it a billion times but never went in. So, I walked in, loved what I saw and chatted with Adrene for just a second. She told me about her show and I told her I'd love to blog it. I gave her my email address and left.

Like 2 days later I see Enchanted PR tweeting away about the store and the show. I was like wow I JUST left that place for the first time ever and now everybody is talking about it. Had I not stopped in that day I probably wouldnt have paid much attention to the tweets, but since Id seen so many cute things in that store I was on it! I meant to blog this a lot sooner but since Im having computer you can tell my blogging has been at a minimum..sorry! Anywho if you are in Atlanta you should come out tonight! I know Adrene has an incredible sense of fashion, and with Enchanted PR behind her you know this is gonna be a successful event. Also ran into Cherecka yesterday at Wiggin's Studios and she invited me out to it.. come to find out she & Satchel of Elixir are also involved so I KNOW this is gonna be a hit! There are many special guest appearances scheduled as well as some great fashion!!! Hope to see you there!

Click to follow Wiggins Studios!

Met an incredible photographer yesterday through a mutual friend Julian. I stopped by Wiggin's Studios here in Atlanta for a consultation with Julian (who is a graphic designer) about our shirts that are coming!!!!!!! Brandon Wiggins is an established photographer who's passion and depth of knowledge for what he does is immediately obvious. Not only is he an exceptional photographer but he was full of great ideas for me and this blog. I love creatives they can take anything and make it into something more appealing. So, I wanted to let my BAbyKayks know about his event coming up this weekend-you dont wanna miss this!!! See ya there!

Next Thursday!!
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My girlie Promise (Im sure you all know by now that I sing background for her on occasion) is an amazing singer/songwriter/artist person (lol) here in Atlanta. She has a lot of major things happening and Im so proud of her!! Here's something that you here in Atl can be a part of, iPromise Thursdays at Uptown Lounge! Every other Thursday we will be hitting the stage along with a few of our friends, other artists here in Atlanta to bring you a great show!!! The first event is June 3rd and our fam Sir Will and his band The Rose Parade (whom you all should also be familiar with) will be the first featured guests of course! Shout out to DdoubleR and Avalon! Also Uptown Lounge has great food, drinks, and its simply a great atmosphere! Come hang out with us starting June 3rd! iPromise iWill up first!! Make sure you say hi as well xoxo!!! TNT BabyKayks

Teyana Taylor Sounds Great!

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I believe this starlet popped on the scene a few years ago on MTV's Sweet 16 and has stayed around since then. Most popular for that show and probably allll of that beautiful hair lol, Teyana Taylor is definitely a household name at this point! I believe people knew even then that she was a star. She's always had her own impeccable sense of style and personality! Even still,I had no clue all of this time that she really could sing like this. Found out yesterday that she has covered Alicia Keys' Unthinkable, and well, listen for yourselves! ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Love this song..there could never be a more beautiful you! Have a great sunday BabyKayks xoxo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Missed Chilli on George Lopez..

This was a great interview - Chilli is hilarious "Just say the word and Ill break up with him right now!" haha and George Lopez..well he is simply FUNNY! Just timely with his lines.. good at what he does! Enjoy BabyKayks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They Write the Songs That Make The Whole World Sing

Heres another series Im starting here on Most of you know that I am a singer/songwriter. There are many singer/songwriters who you all jam to everyday but have no clue who they are. So, Ive decided to feature some of my favorite writers (and yours too, you just dont know it) here on the blog just to introduce you to the people who REALLY make your "jams" lol. Im not going into lots of detail just a pic and some familiar tunes that they are responsible for. Artists get all of the shine, and thats great. They should be in front, but the true stars of music are the people who come up with these brilliant concepts, lyrics, and melodies! Kudos to them!

So Our first feature is Mr. James Fauntleroy II..I know youre like WHO!? lol..keep reading!
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You may not know the name or face but..I KNOW you know these songs he has written/cowritten;

No Air-Jordin Sparks
Take You Down -Chris Brown
Superhuman-Chris Brown
Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Love, Sex, Magic-Ciara & J Timberlake
Torn Down-Brandy

Yea to name a few...this guy is incredibly talented. Introducing to some and reminding others...Mr. James Fauntleroy II.. POW! lol TNT BabyKayks!

Music That Moves Me

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It never fails - another blog posts a rumored story and I get an email to blog about the same thing. Im afraid that no matter how much I talk about how I would like to keep a blog about real life, positive, and inspirational things...people still will try to make it like the other blogs. Well to my BabyKayK who asked me to blog about the situation Jive recording artist K. Michelle is in...I apologize, but thats not my business nor is it positive. What I will do is post the song that you referenced, because I dig it, and I think its very motivational. It speaks of moving forward no matter what! Im not sure whats going on with all of the parties involved, but I wish them all the best!!! I have listened to this song 4 times already, she's going hard, but Im sure some of you have felt this way before! Enjoy BabyKayks!

Couples We Love!

Love these two

Will and Jada Smith were on Oprah the other day. I love them! Their relationship is such an inspiration. As I was looking for a picture to post for this entry I noticed how all of their pictures are so full of chemistry and affection. It just makes me smile that they are a married couple, been married for a while, have children, and separate careers, but still make time for each other..Thats what I want! I pray much success and many blessings to their entire family & blended families take note! peep part of the Oprah interview below! TNT BabyKayks!

BET Nominations are In!


I wanna extend our congrats to all of the recipients of BET award nominations released yesterday! On that list are Monica, JayZ, Rasheeda, Justin Beiber, Alicia Keys and many others! Congratulations to all of them!
At the top of the list is JayZ, Beyonce has a few nods and Usher as well! Found a pic of all 3 ;) TNT BabyKayks!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Common in "Just Wright" In Theatres Today!

Whew.. Common is in the movie..Im going to see the movie. lol Also Queen Latifah, Paula Patton (Precious, and Robin Thicke's wife), and Dwight Howard who is just perfect to me... are in the movie.. You should too! Show support! TNT

Tell The Truth

King to King

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Rapper T.I. did an exceptional job in this interview with Larry King, who I feel was in a bit over his head with some of these questions/comments. I was just like what?!..but hey Im not the interviewer. I was actually impressed by how fluent, educational, well thought TIP's answers were. Not that I think him ignorant at all, but because its one thing to be smart, but another thing to be able to handle such heavy questions in such a huge interview with such ease.

I also appreciate this interview because it exposes America to some knowledge that a lot of people (Larry King) being not have to deal with. They dont know the reality of being shot at, having to protect yourself because as TIP explains in many cases the law doesnt care before or after the fact (BIG, TPac). Just very proud of how this interview went. Many funny moments especially for me when Larry said, "Swagger Like Us" & "How did you get a singin career?!" & "Well we been rappin 4 a hour!" hahahaa! Also when the lady calls Tiny Toya and TIP's face is like ummm... hahahaaa! Again, welcome home TIP.. Enjoy BabyKayKs

..theres no mistake that you make thats too great that you cant bounce back from..
..In my eyes Im already married!..

Sidebar: Tiny...Ive never ever though your honey was attractive..but after seeing this interview..he's def a cutie lol.. I say that in the most respectful way lol. I LOVE that he shouts Tiny & Zonnique out. Love that he embraces her though she is not his biologically.

Music That Moves Me

Another song I love of course. Been singing it all day. Id love to hear either Cristyle(who was featured a couple days ago), or my girl Amber Iman who is my musical soulmate! sing this song...omG they'd sound perfect!

..I am changing..less and less asleep..made of different stuff than when I began..

Robert Ector of Taylor-Ector Studios Knows "What Chilli Wants"

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Today celebrity photographer Rob Ector tweeted away about shooting the beautiful Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas here in Atlanta at the studio ran by he and his celeb stylist sister Leah Taylor. Chilli's PR (Christal of Enchanted PR) let us know via twitter that the shoot is for an upcoming issue of Hype Hair Magazine, we know Chilli has some beautiful hair. He called Chilli sexy, beautiful, and said she had the personality to match. Chilli's make up was done by the very talented Latasha Wright who I hear has a new line coming out (Ill try to get some details),hair by Val Hamilton, and of course styled by the lovely Leah Taylor.

While shooting he snuck the above pic and twitpic'd it with the title, "This is What Chilli Wants". How beautiful is Chilli at almost 40!? Girl stop playing and tell us youre 25! lol. I thought this pic was soo cute, look at his face! hahaha..Rob, Im sure many men feel like they are THE guy Chilli wants..but they dont have the pic to prove it ;) lol. Rob is BabyKayKs on twitter should follow him! Also I hear Chilli is in the June 2010 issue of sure to pick it up. TNT BabyKayKs

Thursday, May 13, 2010

KayKi's Closet

Christina Milian's neon yellow shoes (post below this one) are the talk of various internet sites today....I dig em. So, I went on a mad shoe hunt (as I do on occasion because I love yall) to find them for my BabyKayKs..and I found em!!!! :)
They are Christian Louboutin Peep-toe Suede Fringe it is in pink...I found them online for as low as $300 bff would eat these lol

Smile :)

Christina Milian Out and About Post Baby!
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Well I like to consider anyone who reads my blog a BabyKayK..and those of you who have been reading for a while know that we have a few celeb BabyKayKs :) For a small list of who they are and some twitter love check out the section dedicated to them on the right panel. Anywho, Mrs. Christina Milian (Nash-she's married to The Dream) is quoted over there for showing us some love a while back! I am so glad that their beautiful daughter Violet is now here and even more glad to see Christina out and about glowing like she is.

If you follow her on twitter you know how excited she is to be a mommy, AND how hard she's working to get back or maintain the ridiculously toned body I remember her having. Well, take your time Christina from the looks of these photos taken last night at Nylon Magazine's "Young Hollywood" Party you look just fine! Another pic below... You look fab hun..& I think I feel a KayKi's Closet coming on w/ the shoes!! Though I mention "celeb BabyKayKs" the real stars are those of you who read this blog EVERY day that I post. I cant thank you enough...and soon I'll have some special features of you! :) muah! TNT BabyKayKs

Music That Moves Me

50 50 Music Group & The D. Wright Foundation & Friends Pay Tribute to MJ with "Earth Song Remake 2010"

Last weekend at Chris "Deep" Henderson's bday party, I had the opportunity to meet Prophet of 5050 Music Group. Today's feature is done in part by artists of 50/50! Its an amazing cover of Michael Jackson's already amazing "Earth Song". You have the likes of: my boy Corey Mekell, the beautiful Dani Wright (who according to Prophet was the visionary behind the whole video), the legacy of R&B legends The Leverts carried on by Carlysia,and a host of other amazing talents. My major shout out though goes to my extended fam Libby in the video!!!! As SOOOON as I heard that voice I knew it was her rocking that top hat :) Ive known Lib her entire life...our families are very close and Im glad to see her doing what she has literally ALWAYS been doing. Cant wait for her project to come out- she is "dope" lol. Go Lib!

There are many more people in the video, a full list of participants can be found below. Make sure you look out for 50/50 Music Group, Dani' Wright (please check out her videos on youtube...she is great) and Corey Mekell another amazing artist here in Atlanta doing great things. As far as Carlysia Im sure there is more coming from her and Libby, well I promise you'll dig her! Overall there is some wonderful talent in this one video, and for such a great cause. Not only did they cover a beautiful song, but the imagery and whole video is just perfect. It is so touching that at one point I almost teared up.

I hope you all are inspired to help keep our World the beautiful place it was meant to be. That could mean making a vow not to litter, to recycle, or to donate to various charities for disaster relief. We can all do something! TNT BabyKayks..loooove this video...kudos to all of you! Breath taking!

Produced By Dani' Wright & Directed By Prophet
Video by:Ed Magic, Basim Abdel’Aziz, & Michael Melendy

Cormelio Austin
Eric B
Chantel Christie
J. Doe
Kaitlene Howard
Jimi James
Luke James
Miss Queen LaRae
Carlysia Levert
Stevie Mackey
Corey Mekell
Ashlegh Rae
Mild Stokes
JD Thompson
Amanda Ward
Justin Walker
Dani Wright

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You & Your Pet Can Help The Gulf!

Dolphins swimming in oil! Click to see more photos

This oil spill I blogged about earlier is still terrorizing the Gulf area. Today I heard of a really cool, but meaningful way in which you can help the people/animals effected by this tragedy. If you have pets, or excess hair...that you'd usually just throw away, it can be of great assistance to those in the Gulf struggling everyday to keep this spill contained. Here is what Mother Nature Network is reporting!

So how exactly can hoarding pet fur help with cleaning up one of the worst environmental disasters in recent memory? Enter Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that's been accepting donations of non-filthy pet fur and human hair since 1998 to craft oil-absorbing hairmats -- described as "flat square dreadlocks" -- and hair-stuffed containment booms made from recycled pantyhose...

To learn the below photo to be taken to the full article! Help if you can! :)


Ok, seems like more and more Im being convinced that this slump in music that I feel our generation is responsible for is going to be picked right back up by the next! There are so many talented kids out there..check this little guy out..and watch the blonde in the back...he's in 6th grade- she looks about 8th grade..he def pulled her! hahahaa TNT BabyKayKs

KayKi's Closet

Ooohh BabyKayKs..I know I havent posted any in a while...sorry :/ but hopefully these make up for it..are they not FIERCE!? love em.. theyre gonna run you a G, but hey...thats nothing to yall right? haha

Herve Leger Cork Ankle Boots

Music That Moves Me

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I brag about this chic all of the time, and she would probably rather me not, but I believe in giving honor to who deserves honor and Cri$tyle so deserves it. I did a blog about her before (on her bday I believe), so you can look that one up to learn more about how/when I met her. All you need to know concerning this post is that she penned one of my favorite songs, "Shattered Hearts" by Brandy, and many many other incredible records for the likes of: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, & Janet Jackson..ummm yea. lol. Whenever she comes up in conversation, its usually about that, and you obviously can see why...thats a CRAZY work history for anybody..let alone a young woman who really hasnt been in the game that long.

So in speaking about her discography as a writer people are always blown away, well...when I first met Cri$tyle I didnt know anything about her being a writer. I was introduced to Cri$tyle the singer, and what an amazingly clear, controlled, and simply beautiful voice that was. So Im forever telling people, "oh yea she's a dope writer, but you should hear her sing"...and Im SO glad that Ive gotten my hands on this acapella National Anthem thanks to Gyant Unplugged! I didnt have any words to describe it last night when I first heard it, and really dont have many right now.

Its one thing to be a person who can sing runs & riffs all over the place (which she can very well do), but those type of singers dont really move me anymore. Im priveledged to have been exposed to some of the BEST runners ever over my lifetime and I appreciate them, but it takes a little more to impress my ear these days. What captures me about a voice now is moreso: tone, the clarity in it, the dynamics or color, and control demonstrated. Here is an example of what I mean by that. The lucidity of $tyle's voice in those falsetto moments is just remarkable. You can also understand e.ver.y. syllable she's singing! A+! lol

The few people Ive worked with KNOW Im a stickler for that. Her phrasing is great also. This song is one of the most beautifully arranged I forces some dynamic, but for that very reason it presents a challenge to most singers, quite fun to sing though. Another example of a voice that I love is the young lady Tiffany featured a few days ago in this section. They (Tiff and $tyle) manage to display serenity and effervescency at the same time. The song is made a journey not just by the lyrics, but by the compliment of their see? This is what it really means to call yourself a singer/songwriter. I think a lot of people say it because they think they go together..and they do- in cases like this. Anywho enough of my jibborish.. check this out. Enjoy BabyKayks

Monday, May 10, 2010

Music That Moves Me

One of my ALL time favorite songs. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love love love these lyrics and have since I first heard this song my junior year in High School. Im dedicating this to all of my inspired to LIVE life to the fullest....& thanks for reading enjoy xoxo

..livin might mean takin chances, but they're worth it might be a mistake but its worth makin..

Whats Hannenninn:Events In Atlanta

Remember to hit Inferno Wednesday nights for their showcase!

Have yall checked the "Blogs KayKi Recommends" section over there on the right lately? Well my girl Mylah of "The Makings of Mylah", a woooonderful artist will be in a show on the 16th with a host of other artists. This is another GlamRockSoul Presentation and yall know those always bang! Check my peoples out, I know its gonna be an incredible show! Heres the flier- see ya there!

The fine print reads:
716 Ponce De Leon Pl NE
Doors at 9pm show at 10pm
$10 Admission at the Door
Table Reservations available for Parties of 4 or more
Email to reserve
Complimentary Cocktails by XRated Fusion Liqueur



Skillet Cookie Recipe as promised!

So...I growing up in Bloomington, IL, one of my favorite restaurants to visit was Ned Kellys. It was one of my faves for one special reason. Ned Kelly's had a desert called the "skillet cookie" that was a chocolate chip cookie served warm and mushy in a small skillet covered with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and other toppings of your choice. Well needless to say it was one of the main reasons people frequented Ned Kellys. When I moved here to Atlanta for school a few years ago, Ned Kellys closed, but not before selling that wonderful recipe to a nearby restaurant for people to enjoy. Didnt really matter to me either way because I had already devised a plan to make my own skillet cookies, and much to my oblige, I have succeeded!!!!! I tweet about it often and have been asked every single time, "whats a skillet cookie? It sounds sooo good!". Well, it is soooo good, and its very simple to make. I promised yesterday that I would post a recipe for it, here it goes :)

You'll Need:
A small skillet (this can be substituted with a small foil pan, really anything you can make one big cookie in)
Your choice of cookie dough (homemade or store bought)
Your choice of icecream
Your choice of toppings (chocolate syrup, shaved walnuts, granola, whipped cream, etc..)

*Preheat the oven to 350

*Spray some pan in your skillet(usually not necessary if you have store bought cookie dough)

*The amount of cookie dough you put into the skillet depends on the size of the skillet and how many people you're serving. Eye this part. The point though is to make one big cookie. If cooking for a few friends I just get store bought dough and put the whole package in a foil pie pan. You dont have to pack it down or anything, the dough will spread itself out.

*Place it in the oven for 15 min. (Ned Kellys Skillet Cookies were always cooked juuust enough, so that they were very gooey. That again can be left up to your preference. I always try to mimick theirs though.)

*Once you take the cookie out, unlike baking normal cookies, the idea is to eat it fresh out of the oven while its warm and soft. Cut the cookie, I usually cut it into pie shapes if Im serving a few people. Place in a bowl and place a scoop of icecream on it. Add choc syrup or any other toppings and vuala!

Fun to make with kids as any desert is and best enjoyed with friends! :) Enjoy BabyKayks

Friday, May 7, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Listen to this girl's voice!! Enjoy her cover of Sweet Dreams..its a lil different, but her voice is beautiful. If you have a moment go check out her other videos. Look out for her, Im sure big things are coming!!! Enjoy BabyKayKs

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music That Moves Me

OK, you all know I love all sorts of genres of music. What Im trying to do is introduce you all to some things you may not otherwise pay any attention here is like my fave country record right now :)
Enjoy BabyKayks

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5+5=10 Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Click for full history of Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)

Happy Cinco De Mayo.... Ive always been intrigued by the fact that its such a huge drinking holiday...but if people are honest with themselves they have no clue what happened on May 5th, 1862...even if they think they do...check it out!.. TNT BabyKayKs

The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day, but it should be! And Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday, but it should be. Mexico declared its independence from mother Spain on midnight, the 15th of September, 1810. And it took 11 years before the first Spanish soldiers were told and forced to leave Mexico.

So, why Cinco de Mayo? And why should Americans savor this day as well? Because 4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862...
Click Above Photo for full history! :)

Tboz Celebrates Birthday!

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So Im sure most of you were raised on TLC as I was. They made music that made women proud to be strong, opinionated, sexy, and all around beautiful women. When considering what music I'll share with my children in my home as my parents did with their motown classics- "Unpretty" & "Waterfalls" will DEF be two songs played. They are such beautiful records, and they mean something unlike most of the other stuff our generation has produced (no apologies here). Annnnywho this blog isnt about TLC as a group...but its about the T. -->Tionne-->(T-Boz)lol who celebrated her bday last night at Havana Club. She looked so cute! I low key wanted to be TBoz when I was little because I thought her voice was soooooo dope! hahaa! What I love more about TBoz now that Im older (I still think her voice is incredible) but her work for sickle cell anemia and her decision to live her life as productively as possible while having it.

Thanks to Freddyo again, we have some pics! There were lots of people in the house and from the looks of it they had a great time. TBoz's cake was a Louboutin (you know we love those heehee). I wish TBoz much success in all of her endeavors and personally extend my heartfelt thanks to all three of the ladies of TLC, TBoz, LeftEye(R.I.L.), and Chilli for making the music that they did! More pics below.

Of course Chilli was in there to celebrate with TBoz...I believe it was also Frank SKi's bday celebration partly as well!

This I believe is Cristal of Enchanted PR who does PR for Chilli and Cristyle and a few other wonderful people. Click to Follow her.

I wanted to post her on here because she's shown so much love and she doesnt have to. There are celebs (well they believe they are) who have a billion stories on this blog and I cant get them to RT ever! lol...not that they have to, but you'd think theyd want people reading positive stuff about them as much as possible. Maybe they dont know any better...maybe they need better PR- get em Enchanted! Hahaha Alrighty TNT BabyKayks

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Music that "Moves" Me

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Yall know I loves India.Arie :) She just posted this song on is in her words.. for the healing of the Earth. A lot has happened in the past few months to different regions of the Earth and therefore a great number of lives have been affected. Not only are people suffering, but in the bigger picture so is Mother Earth. Please lets keep the individuals affected in our prayers and do our part to preserve the Earth lent to us by our children. I think its beautiful...not sure you'll be able to hear this one from your mobile phones :( sorry! enjoy BAbyKayKs

"Moved By You" India.Arie

Times Square Bombing Plot Suspect Faces Charges

Faisal Shahzad Arrested in Times Square Bombing Plot

Some of you may be aware of the recent terror attempt in Times Square..then again, some of you may not be aware because America is once again sleeping on the fact that we arent loved by all. There are still well organized groups of people who would for whatever rootless reasons love to see us broken and even dying. Lets stay aware of whats happening around us. It will only help us to be less prone to fall to their efforts. For the full article which this excert was taken from please click the above photo.
TNT BabyKayKs
NEW YORK – A Pakistani-born U.S. citizen was hauled off a plane about to fly to the Middle East and will face terrorism charges in the failed attempt to explode a bomb-laden SUV in the heart of Times Square, authorities said Tuesday. One official said he claimed to be acting alone...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Massive Oil Spill of Gulf of Mexico

Bird being rescued out of an oil spill click for the full article

I know I dont blog Sat-Mon but I thought this was important. Unless you've been under a rock for the past 10+ days or just being ignorant to whats happening in the country you live in.. there was a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you know anything about oil spills they can be detrimental to not only the people living in the surrounding areas but the wildlife as well. Even those of you who are so unlike me and could care less about fish and birds have to be moved by the idea of them being engulfed in oil.

I thank God for the people/volunteers who get out there and try to save these animals/ stop these spills from is a giant of a task.This particular article about the spill is one I really liked because it put into perspective the BIGGER picture, which is until we start to appreciate this Earth for what it is and not what it can give us, we'll always suffer the consequences of greed. This post is kinda sad..but I hope that this blog can be more than a read full of entertainment, but that some way I can keep you all inspired to care more for yourselves and the world we are graced to live in. Check this article out and click the above photo for the full read. TNT BabyKayKs

A massive ecological and human disaster is unfurling in the Gulf Coast. An estimated five thousand barrels of crude oil steadily spew into the Gulf every day, threatening the lives, health, economy, and environment of an entire region...