Friday, April 16, 2010


Snakes in the Toilet..
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I have a few very odd fears that people very close to me know about. One I wont mention because it takes a bit of explaining.......but one thing I have always been fearful of is a snake in the toilet! LOL! I mean.... who hasnt thought about that? SMH...then I hear o, they cant come through the pipes, but really..why do I keep reading stories such as this one??? LOL!

Toilet Python Surprises Woman In Hotel Room
Humane Society Says Snake Probably Didn't Slither Through Pipes
Posted: 2:26 am EDT April 16, 2010
Updated: 1:45 pm EDT April 16, 2010

A hotel guest in La Vista, Neb., awoke to a strange and slithery sight sitting in her toilet: a 3-foot ball python.

The woman spotted the surprise snake before sitting down. With some help from the Nebraska Humane Society, she got the snake into a pillowcase, reported Omaha TV Station KETV.

Officials with the Nebraska Humane Society said they estimated the python found Thursday morning at the Hampton Inn was about 3 years old. They said pythons aren't typically found in Nebraska, so it's likely this python was a pet.

They added that pythons don't like..

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