Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reality Review

So, over this past weekend/week a few reality shows premiered that Ive been trying to keep you all updated about. So, Ive watched them and Im ready to share my opinion.


Im going to start with "A Family Business" which is the show about Brandy & Ray J's family...the Norwoods. I of course am a HUGE Brandy fan, always have been. So, I set out to watch the show just for that reason alone...really hoping to hear some music from her. My expectations of the show were not very high, honestly because Im not really interested in Ray J's life and I dont know much about her parents. After watching the show premiere I give it a solid C. There was nothing exciting or too boring about it. I'll need to watch the next episode to see how I really feel about the concept and where the show is going.

I will say that I love how real Mrs. Sonja is with her children. I love how laid back Mr. Norwood is as well. They are remeniscent of my parents. Whether the show changes or not..I'll still be peeking in every now and hopes of hearing that perfect tone that belongs to only Brandy Norwood! Much success to this show!!! Tune in Sundays 9pm E for the show!!!

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Ok.... where do I begin? I love Chilli (I dont know her personally)- well what I know of her. Ive communicated with her a couple of times via twitter and she's just a very funny...seemingly optimistic person. She seems to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. With that said..I'll start with this- I want Chilli to get a new stylist. My BFF Becky could work wonders with her!! I didnt too much care for her hair, clothes, make up on the premiere. Chilli is such a beautiful woman, its hard to go wrong with anything and I just feel like it was all so wrong. Thats in my humble opinion, now some of you may have loved it and thats great. I just think it couldve been put together a little better.

Now on to the idea/concept. I love the concept, but Im afraid that Im not sure exactly how much I believe that Chilli is single because of that list. Now I have done great the last few posts about Chilli I've tried not to voice my opinion (which Ive shared with Chilli and she laughed it off) but...if the list was the issue...really...Floyd would be perfect. Now that Floyd fits the list, she's found a reason not to be with him.. here is KayKi's honest opinion..I think Chilli's heart is still with Usher. I believe they were MADE for each other, but why not just say that? I guess then there would be no show.

I just feel as though a Chusher reunion would not only boost his career back up to speed, but it would make the world a happier place as I dont know many people who arent secretly hoping theyll get back together lol! Im gonna watch though and see how this all pans out. Chilli tweeted one day about why she's so young looking and people were saying it could be genetics.. I told her it may be that or maybe God is preserving her for someone- she laughed that off too, but Im so serious. Im gonna see where these other guys go..and maybe Floyd will win me over, but until then, Im team Usher!!!!

I dont have much to say about Ms. Smalls. I love her candor, but I feel like they allowed her to voice her stance a little too early. Like- theres nothing more to expect from her. Over all I think she's great for someone as strong willed as Chilli. Chilli needs someone who will tell her when she's being unrealistic..and Smalls does just that. She was funny!

I give this show a solid B+, and I wont be raising that unless Usher Raymond comes on set and says..this is foolishness!!!!!!!! haha.. make sure you watch it next week Sundays 1030pm E! Blessings to Chilli and this show...and congrats on the ratings...#1 I think?! Whoopeee!


Well, theyre back. Im glad the new and highly anticipated season of Tiny and Toya has finally kicked off. I definitely was a fan of the show last season. I felt as though here are two ladies about their business and about their families, and I absolutely loved it. Since the last season I've had numerous occasions to be in the presence of these ladies and Ive found them to be really cool chics. So, watching the premiere this time around was a little different.

Different in a sense that I feel like I knew everything that was happening. I knew about Rudy going back to school, and Toya's mother, and brother's situation. I knew about Tiny's dad and her group situation...I just knew everything lol. That is the only reason I give it a B+. Nothing surprised me, it wasnt an eye/ear catchin first episode. I do encourage you all to stay tuned though...these ladies have a lot going on! Im sure you'll want to see it.

I will say this though- I think that both of the ladies look great as far as their image goes. Ive said it a billion times before and I'll say it again, Toya is so beautiful! She's so pretty and her makeup for this premiere was wasnt too much. Tiny's new red hair is great..loved it the moment she was photo'd with it. Its very obvious also that the ladies are a lot more comfortable with the camera, and confidence goes a long way on television! I look forward to the rest of the season, Im not sure I'll be tooo surprised by anything, but I'll still watch. Comes on Tuesday nights 10PM E.

Well thats my review of the shows I watched! We'll see if my grades change after the next couple of airings! TNT BabyKayKs

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