Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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A while ago I ran across this young lady on youtube and honestly thought- how is sooo much soul coming out of this little girl?! I watched a few of her videos and thought to myself, this chic is amazing and in a few years, she'll be even better. I soon found out that Zewdy is working w/ some folks here in Atlanta. I went back on youtube today and thought to run by her page to see if she's updated it with any new covers.

I found that not only has she updated it with covers BUT she has her own music available now! Kudos to her & her team. In a few years the game is gonna be shut down. Can you imagine this voice even more matured and singing grown folks music?? LOL! *Problem!* Until then please support Zewdy's music that she has now, its def hot! This girl sings for life!!! I tried to submit a record, but it was too mature for her demographic, we'll try again soon!

Young artists like: Zewdy, Tiffany Evans, Diggy Simmons, and Justin Bieber give me hope for music. In the days of ring tone rap and auto tune, its great to know that there is a generation of real sAngers, and emcees coming up! Also, Zewdy will be here this Friday -check the above Events Post for details! Love and Blessings Zewdy! Enjoy BAbyKayKs

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