Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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I love Janelle Monae... first time I heard of her I went out to Wondaland yes Wondaland lol w/ one of my Spelman Sisters Shiena. I didnt get to meet her that day...but I did get to meet Nate (the guy on the right tossing the ball at the beginning) and I remember thinking how cool is this guy!? lol I also remember he'd just purchased some new vacuum and him making me take it for a spin. He was really cool. The most memorable moment that night though was the first time he pressed play to let me hear some of Janelle's music. It was like nothing Id ever heard before and I was in love at first sound lol. Then I kept hearing about Janelle from so many people, some how I got my hands on her first mixtape. It was way different from what Id heard at Wondaland, but I loved it too.

Soon I began to see her everywhere, you know how you hear something or a word for the first time and then boom its everywhere... and you hear it all of the time?..well that was what happened with Janelle. It wasnt just with me either..soon the world beyond Atlanta would know of the wonder Janelle is. Her music is amazing...thought provoking, her voice grabs you and as you can tell she's absolutely a doll really. So..if this is your introduction to her..enjoy, if you're already familiar with her youll still enjoy it!!!! I LOVE this record! S/O to all of my AUC fam in the video..I see you TBrown from Jaspects and Iyana(the girl with the dope blond mohawk towards the end) should know of both artists if you dont. TNT BabyKayKs

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