Friday, April 2, 2010

I.L.'s Mixtape Released

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A couple of months ago I met a group of very talented & focused young men, who I soon came to know as the 9000 Boyz. These guys have a movement going on here in ATL and Im glad to be witnessing it. They have one of the most popular and hitting artist showcases in Atlanta. Every Wednesday night at Inferno you can catch Atlanta's hottest unsigned artists hitting the stage and the likes of real industry heads in the audience watching. Along with a billion other things..the fellas are all musically inclined in some way. They rap, sing, manage, produce, I mean a better question would be what dont they do.

IL of the 9000 boyz had his mixtape release party last Wednesday at Inferno..and let me say if you love hip hop...its not dead! He's bringing it on this mixtape. Click on the cover above to get it.. Im really proud of these guys! Check out the mixtape, hit up Inferno if you're ever in town..and check out their blog,, they say its the best blog on the web...but I know yall will beg to differ :) TNT BabyKayKs

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