Friday, April 9, 2010


My big sis and I..Click to Follow her on twitter..Thanks to my baby sis TC for the pic edit! Love you!!

Some of the most significant days of my life happened way before I was born lol. One of them being the birth of my big sister Angel. She is without a doubt THE best big sister a girl could ever ask for. Outside of the fact that she tries her best to spoil me (heehee) she represents a sense of security in my life that I cant quite explain.. lol. I know my sister is here for me.. for whatever. She does so much for so many people and has always been that person.

I've seen her blossom into a great mom, wife, and all around woman of God & though Im no where near ready for kids and a husband..............................LOL...I know I have a great role model in her whenEVER I become ready haha. I love you Angel and you're the greatest. Thanks for always being there for me in every way...thanks for being consistent in my life and for putting up with me. I could never repay you for the role you've played in my life..but you are 1 of a very VERY small number of people who I hope to make proud of me. Hope Im doing so! I've SO enjoyed your company this week..and Im glad you could get a vacay away from the babies to sleep!! Pwahaha (inside joke Feaster knows!) Love ya!

*this will be the only post for today. HAPPY BIRFFFDAY TO MY BIG SISTER!!!!


  1. This absolutely beautiful!!! You & your sister are both beautiful & wonderful people & I thank God that you both are part of my family!! I love yal so much!!!! Shaunna:~D!!!

  2. Awww Cousin! Thanks...we loves you too! Cant wait till we all can get together again!!!