Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chilli ...Its O.K.!!! :)

Ok, I had to post this video I saw on NecoleB's site. Really... yall already know how I feel about Chilli and Usher..if you wont take long to search on here and find out. Necole posted this with "Im convinced Chilli still loves Usher" and honey, I couldnt agree more! I mean she can barely speak for smiling while talking about "that relationship". I think its sweet! What are they waiting for!? Look Chilli, I'll help- maybe Smalls was the wrong Love Connector..I have a degree in Psychology...Im great at relationships..let me loose on this ordeal! I GOT YOU! lol hahaha...ok.. now that thats said, much love to Chilli!!!!! & Yall make sure to tune into the show!!! On VH1 Sundays at 1030PM E! TNT BaByKayKs

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