Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ask KayKi

Let me start by saying I loveeee your blog! I some how came across you
on Twitter & since then I have been a loyal follower & reader. I am
trying to watch the interview with Lauren London but I can't get the
video on my iPhone!!! =(
Do you know of any way or any website I can get a iPhone friendly
Thanks again & I look forward to reading MANY more positive blogs!!!


Well this wasnt an Ask Kayki for the blog per se, BUT I think it could be useful to some of you who do read my blog from your phones on a regular, so thanks!! Usually all of my videos are from youtube. Or at least I try to get them from there first because I know its accessible via mobile phones. Sometimes (as in this case) I am unable to find the video on youtube, so I have to look elsewhere. In this case I had to get it from access hollywood's site, which I doubt will work on your phone. So I do apologize to you and any other BabyKayKs who stumble upon a video on here that you cant see on your phone.

I know the videos dont pop up on your phone while on the blog but I usually give enough info for you to search for the video on youtube. I will now start posting the links to all videos here on the blog. You can just click the entry title and it will take you to the video on youtube. I also can start posting the transcripts too for those of you who just wanna know what was said and dont care to watch the video.

Again, thank you for your email and for your consistant support and love for keep doing this for people like you! Also, you should hit me up on twitter! I love to talk to my readers on there!Blessings and as long as you all keep reading..I'll keep blogging! TNT BabyKayK

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