Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Chilli Wants Trailer

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I said I'd keep you all up to date w/ Chilli's show due to air on VH1 in April....let me just say- this trailer is gooood! lol If I wasnt gonna watch before now- Im def gonna watch now. What Im gonna need is on the finale for Usher to walk in and say- listen, I dont drink, smoke, or eat pork!!! LOL! Ok yall know I had to go there, I just love them together...and Im not gonna give up..I didnt when he married Tameka- Im not now! LOL..anywho enjoy the trailer and make sure yall watch Chilli's show!!!!!! TNT BabyKayKs


  1. So watching this.

  2. Im with you kakyi i dont want to see them with anybody else but each other. You should look at some of their old pictures the chemistry is undeniable! I hope Usher pops up somewhere.

  3. I agree with Missy. Poor thing! U don't have to lower your standards to compromise. But if you want a perfect man you will only find that in Jesus.