Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tell The Truth

Should Badu Face Charges
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-My bff Becky told me today that if I didnt blog about anything else- I better blog about this- so here ya go B.

So if you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days- you've missed that the beautiful & talented Erykah Badu released her official video for her single Window Seat. Because I follow Erykah on twitter..I know that this video waas done in one take..with no warning in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas at JFK's assassination site. For this reason CNN is reporting that police in Dallas may charge her with indecent exposure. Now Ms. Neo Soul herself has always been an envelope pusher as far as her art is concerned. Her music often causes people to think and this video is no different.

Now personally I interpereted the video as her way of saying be yourself as you are as you progress through your life. That conforming is what is almost demanded these days- being hidden behind beliefs and ideals that arent really your own..but since they belong to the masses you adopt them to stay alive, or relevant.The idea that once you step outside of that box and present the world with you just as you are- your truest self- they assassinate you for lack of understanding you. The bigger question is, how are people to understand what they refuse to let be.. if it cant be..it cant be examined..if it cant be examined..how is it to ever be understood. So the fear is consistently encouraged- and the bystanders wait ready to assassinate what they simply refuse to understand. Someone asked me how I think India Arie would feel..honestly I dont know what she thinks.. I think she'd say as well that the message behind what artists are presenting is most important.

Now do I as a person feel its ok to walk down the street in front of children butt naked? No. Not because there is any harm in nudity itself, but because parents/society have taught children that private parts- are private. So for the sake of not offending a child's mind who hasnt yet had the opportunity to formulate his/her own ideals...I think I would have opted for a closed set with actors..but Im not Badu- and after all this was not my art to express. I dont agree with her going to jail or anything though. I feel as though she had her reasons for doing what she did- and she is clear as to why she did it. I love that she talked about "groupthink" a term I as a Psychology major am very familiar with. Its something to think about. I urge as I always do- you all to think beyond your innitial emotion regarding the video. Think about the method behind the madness. Watch the video all the way through then tell me what you think! As Badu said, "Keep in mind that she's an artist..and she's sensitive about her ish" lol..Also I believe her album comes out today! TNT BabyKayks.

A lil Psychology for you- "GroupThink"- in lamens terms is the concept of ignoring individual ideas, independent thinking, & creativity (value)- in order to decrease any conflict within a group- so that everyone gets along and has the same opinion- without actually thinking or analysing the issue at hand.


  1. I dont' believe she was really there.. just look at those clothes the peoples were wearing and NO ONE turned to address this nude woman... hehehe

  2. nah...if they didn't catch her. but what is an indecent exposure charge anyway?? and with her body i don't think anyone would really complain.

  3. Absolutely, positively NOT.

  4. lol @ Frank...u would say that!

  5. I heard it was not her and that it was digitally enhanced

  6. Oh...it was her. I was taken to a page that showed her in concert after her last child....& IT WAS HER. just like India Irie, people don't have the slightest idea that they've been "BLESSED & HIGHLY favored" because they tend to cover up & not let it all show like the rest of 'em do.