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Tell The Truth

India.Arie on What She Said
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I have a lot of love and respect for India.Arie as an artist..her music is the soundtrack of my life. Her song I am Ready For Love has played a very important role in my life (a whole other blog) and for that I will always be grateful! She's an amazing person & artist! Im sure some of you woke up to a few bloggers talking about what she said about Gaga or Beyonce...I read the tweets..and didnt take it in any offensive manner (I agreed w/her 200%) Though I didnt blog her initial comments..I feel it necessary to blog this tweet she just posted to clarify her stance for the people who needed it. I'll tell you what -learning to take people's words for simply what they are is a step towards wisdom.. only fools ignore the obvious for what may not be. Everything she is saying makes perfect sense to me.. consider it. TNT BabyKayKs.

On Tuesday 23rd March 2010, @indiaarie said:
******************************************************* To be clear: India Arie *******************************************************

I woke up this morning to the news that my Great Grandmother who was 99 years old, made her transition. She was a courageous and Noble very intelligent Bold spoken women. I was going to write this ANYway, but now, I have added incentive. Life’s to precious to live it for anybody else.

So let's clarify one good time, for myself, for my fans and friends, and anyone attempting to disrespect me, twist my words or intimidate me.

To be clear, I made the mistake of thinking that I could have a conversation about current events with a mass group of people, of course that NEVER works, because obviously there are too many people who think too many ways to keep it to a simple debate and sharing of ideas.

BUT I speak to mass groups of people through my music, I write songs of social commentary, so, I continue to speak my heart and mind. I never intend to disrespect any one if it ever comes across that way, it’s a misperception of who I am and intend to be.

Sadly, not surprising that some kids will be THAT disrespectful...LOL! I have to laugh to keep from crying. It scares me for our kids. I know were better than that. No one can make you be a kinder person, but why not be kinder for yourself? Being Crude and vulgar is such a waste of time and mind. I see all of that type of talk as childish games. If you really want to communicate with me be eloquent and respectful. I enjoy debate and understanding other points of view. Anything other than that is just bad childish jokes, I haven blocked you yet because I find it astonishing and curious... I'm scared for our youth, we gotta be better than that.
And to GROWN people saying little slick stuff... This internet anonymity syndrome, where people say mean things ONLY because they know they won't have to be held responsible for it ... Sad sign of the times man.

NOW ABOUT THE REAL MATTER AT HAND... The conversation I initiated isn't about any ONE, BUT EVERYONE. THIS is a conversation about the state of our society and the state of HUMAN KIND and how, what is "MASS APPEAL" by its very nature, SPEAKS to where we are as a mass of people, as the ONE HUMANKIND that we ARE! THIS is a conversation about what we are willing to turn a blind eye to in the name of fitting in and not rocking the boat. This is a conversation about music industry politics. This is a conversation about the spiritual power of words music and television and mass media, and the danger of it. I live for music. LOL! Most of the BIG lesson I've learned about life has come through the lense of the industry. Race politics, corporate America, mob mentality, politics of sexuality.... For me, Because I AM in the industry, many things that are just entertainment for some I actually see as a MICROCosm of our society and even Humanities current state as a whole.

I believe We ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED. On ONE hand there’s misogyny In hip hop lyrics and Videos, over sexuality in popular culture, and on the OTHER hand, there's the PANdemic of AIDS in Africa and around the world, Sexual slavery at ALARMING rates, it happens to more young women than we realize (read the book Half the Sky? Made me cry over and over again) and as one twitter follower said, "girls running trains and party’s and pregnancy pacts" And OFTEN times I look at things in the entertainment fields, movies, music lyrics and Videos, images, magazines, and it makes me Ponder DEEPLY, and want to DISCUSS how certain things add to the WHOLE of humanity. Hard to express in 140 characters... LOL! But most of my followers understand where I'm coming from. Cause its where I come from in my song writing as well.

And NO, let's just cut this off at the pass now, I don't think I'm Perfect, I'm not TRYNA be perfect I know there are people who don't like what I do, how I dress, how I look what I say, what I represent, ... Every mean thing that can be said, has been said about me in 10 years LOL! But what I AM, is a thinker, and an activist, and spiritual minded human being , doing what I can to be the best person I can be. I'm a Grown ass woman, multifaceted and strong, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind...

I mean I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd prefer if EVERYONE loved me LOL! seriously, ... . but after 10 years I've clearly built up immunity to the Venom. I am going to BE ME... if you don’t like ME, UN- FOLLOW!

This has been a POWERFUL exercise because I have BEST OF ALL been SHOWN, that I have some amazing Fans. Who's words keep me buoyed and joyful and healed and inspired... Everyday! Being in the public eye can hurt sometimes, and truly it’s my musical soul mates who inspire me to keep going and KEEP speaking my truth. Twitter is REALLY good for that quick pick me up LOL! I'm always reading even when I don't respond.

To CLARIFY ONE TIME! for all the Bloggers: I Dig Gaga, I'd venture to say I've spent more time in her company than most people who are commenting on this. She's a SWEET SWEET GIRL! She actually came to my rescue on a video shoot when I ran off in tears. I think she's a creative Genius and Driven beyond belief... I admire that. Now, for those Who hold a different opinion but are able to disagree in an intelligent manner thank you, There was some insight I didn't take into account that I really do find interesting, the piece about championing the LGBT community .... i Dig that. everyone needs a hero. Do I have to AGREE with everything she does to love her?
And about Beyonce', I'm a fan, I think SHE'S GENIUS, and we have a cool relationship, she's sweet to me every time I see her. I admire and respect her artistry, and LOVE her Voice and that's a MASSIVE complement in my world. Do I have to agree with everything she does to love her? and i ask, does anyone have to agree with everything i do or say to love me? the views I'm expressing here are not meant to attack anyone, not the fans or the artists... i don't want to HURT people.. it my opinion.

Anyone trying to turn this into a PERSONAL DISS and DRAMA for their entertainment... Hopefully this clears it up for you ... Anyone else who doesn't wanna be in my world, or finds me offensive, ... UN! FOLLOW! ... The most important thing I've learned with my Grandmothers passing (who was a community activist) almost exactly a year ago, and my GREAT grandmothers passing THIS morning (who was ALSO a preacher and very outspoken woman) Authenticity is MUCH more important than being LIKED or being part of the IN CROWD

I don't need internet anonymity to be speak my mind, and I will KEEP standing up for what I believe in ....And I will KEEP SPEAKING AND SINGING MY TRUTH, trusting that ANY ONE who is attracted to my music will be moved by in what ever way they need.

I feel blessed to be prosperous doing what I do, HOW I do it. Truly! Profound thanks to those who allow my music to be a part of your life.

And in the grand scheme of things, Actually, I'm learning to be thankful for EVERYone ... This is an age old paradigm ... People will always analyze debate and clash and rub ... Every generation rebels against the previous, and argues with the next, and there are tipping points where things change drastically, Its what pushes humanity forward ... So ... THAT'S it.

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