Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Happy For Toya Johnson?


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So I sort of discontinued (I will have a few more as soon as I hear back from a few people) the Ask KayKi section because literally 95% of the questions were about this lady. I all around stopped posting stuff about her because I have a billion posts about her and this is not the Toya Carter blog! LOL....but I wanted to respond to this email from a fan about something Freddyo posted today.

Freddyo is a well known blogger and knows Toya today when he posted about Toya and referred to her as Toya Johnson and not Carter... lots of red flags went up!

 Now Im not sure if Toya is changing her name to answer the question in the email..and really I dont care lol. What I will venture to say though is that- Toya seems to have moved on from Wayne and is happy with the man she's pictured with above and BOY am I happy for her! Toya from what Ive heard from a VERY reliable source is an amazingly great woman at heart,and that alone warrants a man who will appreciate her. So to address the name change- I dont know- click the picture hit her up on twitter and ask..her twitter name is still antoniacarter, so maybe its nothing..and maybe Toya is making a name for herself outside of being Wayne's ex wife.

Either way..I apologize to all of the Toya fans who feel some kind of way about me not posting stuff about her (I got the emails) lol. People actually send me things to post about her...its hilarious. I have mad love for Toya and I wish her and Memphitz the absolute best in love..and based upon her tweets..she is very very happy in her relationship. I reading too much into this picture? I noticed that Toya has a star tatted on her ring finger on her left hand..and Memphitz is wearing a star ring on his ring finger- if its just a coincidence..its a cute one lol..Be sure to watch the new season of Tiny & Toya that premieres April 13th at 10pm ET.. TNT BabyKayKs

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