Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love Hurts Video

Here's Nivea's viral video of Love Hurts with a surprise (maybe) guest- Wayne. Now BabyKayKs,I have to say this- I have lots of teenage/young female readers & I feel its important. Based on emails I've received from readers- I know exactly how some of you will interpret this. It is never ok for a man to hurt you, to not appreciate you, to take you for granted- never. I dont want yall to watch this video and think its cute considering that you've seen/heard a lot about Wayne and the women in his life. This is just a video, but the song can easily be considered a mirror of Wayne & Nivea's real life love story (even though its old & Niv didnt pen it).

I personally thought it would've been better to not let Wayne play the role simply because I thought the song was such a powerful statement to women about moving on & getting what you deserve- and to have him in the video could basically negated the whole point of the record. So- I'll say this, dont over analyze this video- consider it Nivea's buzz video & she has access to one of the biggest rappers right now- and she's using it to her advantage. Enjoy BabyKayKs

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