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Karate Kid Trailer Ft. Will & Jada's son Jaden Smith! O.M.G.

Will & Jada...their kids and Jackie Chan!

This little man is a natural...I cant wait to see this movie!!!!

Tell The Truth

Should Badu Face Charges
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-My bff Becky told me today that if I didnt blog about anything else- I better blog about this- so here ya go B.

So if you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days- you've missed that the beautiful & talented Erykah Badu released her official video for her single Window Seat. Because I follow Erykah on twitter..I know that this video waas done in one take..with no warning in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas at JFK's assassination site. For this reason CNN is reporting that police in Dallas may charge her with indecent exposure. Now Ms. Neo Soul herself has always been an envelope pusher as far as her art is concerned. Her music often causes people to think and this video is no different.

Now personally I interpereted the video as her way of saying be yourself as you are as you progress through your life. That conforming is what is almost demanded these days- being hidden behind beliefs and ideals that arent really your own..but since they belong to the masses you adopt them to stay alive, or relevant.The idea that once you step outside of that box and present the world with you just as you are- your truest self- they assassinate you for lack of understanding you. The bigger question is, how are people to understand what they refuse to let be.. if it cant be..it cant be examined..if it cant be examined..how is it to ever be understood. So the fear is consistently encouraged- and the bystanders wait ready to assassinate what they simply refuse to understand. Someone asked me how I think India Arie would feel..honestly I dont know what she thinks.. I think she'd say as well that the message behind what artists are presenting is most important.

Now do I as a person feel its ok to walk down the street in front of children butt naked? No. Not because there is any harm in nudity itself, but because parents/society have taught children that private parts- are private. So for the sake of not offending a child's mind who hasnt yet had the opportunity to formulate his/her own ideals...I think I would have opted for a closed set with actors..but Im not Badu- and after all this was not my art to express. I dont agree with her going to jail or anything though. I feel as though she had her reasons for doing what she did- and she is clear as to why she did it. I love that she talked about "groupthink" a term I as a Psychology major am very familiar with. Its something to think about. I urge as I always do- you all to think beyond your innitial emotion regarding the video. Think about the method behind the madness. Watch the video all the way through then tell me what you think! As Badu said, "Keep in mind that she's an artist..and she's sensitive about her ish" lol..Also I believe her album comes out today! TNT BabyKayks.

A lil Psychology for you- "GroupThink"- in lamens terms is the concept of ignoring individual ideas, independent thinking, & creativity (value)- in order to decrease any conflict within a group- so that everyone gets along and has the same opinion- without actually thinking or analysing the issue at hand.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Viral Video Promise "Misery Loves Company"!

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So, most of you know that Im affiliated with a few artists here in Atlanta. All of whom are talented people. Promise is one of those artists! She recently shot a viral vid for her record Misery Loves Company!!! I thought I'd share it with my BabyKayKs..I love the imagery..Im a sucker for ballet and I guess thats called interperative dancing.. lol- I dont know, but whatever it is its absolutely beautiful! S/O to KG making a cameo in the vid & kudos to my girlie Promise! YOU ROCK! lol Be sure to come out to Apache this Friday for a show she's in. I'll be rocking the stage with her- I'll post details in a bit. Enjoy the vid! TNT BabyKayks

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Music That Moves Me

Exclusive India.Arie Track! A true artist- I love it! Let me OFF this Rollercoaster!! If you cant play it...click on the title (Music That Moves Me) and visit the actual post- Thanks Tasha!! TNT BabyKayKs

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Tell The Truth

India.Arie on What She Said
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I have a lot of love and respect for India.Arie as an artist..her music is the soundtrack of my life. Her song I am Ready For Love has played a very important role in my life (a whole other blog) and for that I will always be grateful! She's an amazing person & artist! Im sure some of you woke up to a few bloggers talking about what she said about Gaga or Beyonce...I read the tweets..and didnt take it in any offensive manner (I agreed w/her 200%) Though I didnt blog her initial comments..I feel it necessary to blog this tweet she just posted to clarify her stance for the people who needed it. I'll tell you what -learning to take people's words for simply what they are is a step towards wisdom.. only fools ignore the obvious for what may not be. Everything she is saying makes perfect sense to me.. consider it. TNT BabyKayKs.

On Tuesday 23rd March 2010, @indiaarie said:
******************************************************* To be clear: India Arie *******************************************************

I woke up this morning to the news that my Great Grandmother who was 99 years old, made her transition. She was a courageous and Noble very intelligent Bold spoken women. I was going to write this ANYway, but now, I have added incentive. Life’s to precious to live it for anybody else.

So let's clarify one good time, for myself, for my fans and friends, and anyone attempting to disrespect me, twist my words or intimidate me.

To be clear, I made the mistake of thinking that I could have a conversation about current events with a mass group of people, of course that NEVER works, because obviously there are too many people who think too many ways to keep it to a simple debate and sharing of ideas.

BUT I speak to mass groups of people through my music, I write songs of social commentary, so, I continue to speak my heart and mind. I never intend to disrespect any one if it ever comes across that way, it’s a misperception of who I am and intend to be.

Sadly, not surprising that some kids will be THAT disrespectful...LOL! I have to laugh to keep from crying. It scares me for our kids. I know were better than that. No one can make you be a kinder person, but why not be kinder for yourself? Being Crude and vulgar is such a waste of time and mind. I see all of that type of talk as childish games. If you really want to communicate with me be eloquent and respectful. I enjoy debate and understanding other points of view. Anything other than that is just bad childish jokes, I haven blocked you yet because I find it astonishing and curious... I'm scared for our youth, we gotta be better than that.
And to GROWN people saying little slick stuff... This internet anonymity syndrome, where people say mean things ONLY because they know they won't have to be held responsible for it ... Sad sign of the times man.

NOW ABOUT THE REAL MATTER AT HAND... The conversation I initiated isn't about any ONE, BUT EVERYONE. THIS is a conversation about the state of our society and the state of HUMAN KIND and how, what is "MASS APPEAL" by its very nature, SPEAKS to where we are as a mass of people, as the ONE HUMANKIND that we ARE! THIS is a conversation about what we are willing to turn a blind eye to in the name of fitting in and not rocking the boat. This is a conversation about music industry politics. This is a conversation about the spiritual power of words music and television and mass media, and the danger of it. I live for music. LOL! Most of the BIG lesson I've learned about life has come through the lense of the industry. Race politics, corporate America, mob mentality, politics of sexuality.... For me, Because I AM in the industry, many things that are just entertainment for some I actually see as a MICROCosm of our society and even Humanities current state as a whole.

I believe We ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED. On ONE hand there’s misogyny In hip hop lyrics and Videos, over sexuality in popular culture, and on the OTHER hand, there's the PANdemic of AIDS in Africa and around the world, Sexual slavery at ALARMING rates, it happens to more young women than we realize (read the book Half the Sky? Made me cry over and over again) and as one twitter follower said, "girls running trains and party’s and pregnancy pacts" And OFTEN times I look at things in the entertainment fields, movies, music lyrics and Videos, images, magazines, and it makes me Ponder DEEPLY, and want to DISCUSS how certain things add to the WHOLE of humanity. Hard to express in 140 characters... LOL! But most of my followers understand where I'm coming from. Cause its where I come from in my song writing as well.

And NO, let's just cut this off at the pass now, I don't think I'm Perfect, I'm not TRYNA be perfect I know there are people who don't like what I do, how I dress, how I look what I say, what I represent, ... Every mean thing that can be said, has been said about me in 10 years LOL! But what I AM, is a thinker, and an activist, and spiritual minded human being , doing what I can to be the best person I can be. I'm a Grown ass woman, multifaceted and strong, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind...

I mean I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd prefer if EVERYONE loved me LOL! seriously, ... . but after 10 years I've clearly built up immunity to the Venom. I am going to BE ME... if you don’t like ME, UN- FOLLOW!

This has been a POWERFUL exercise because I have BEST OF ALL been SHOWN, that I have some amazing Fans. Who's words keep me buoyed and joyful and healed and inspired... Everyday! Being in the public eye can hurt sometimes, and truly it’s my musical soul mates who inspire me to keep going and KEEP speaking my truth. Twitter is REALLY good for that quick pick me up LOL! I'm always reading even when I don't respond.

To CLARIFY ONE TIME! for all the Bloggers: I Dig Gaga, I'd venture to say I've spent more time in her company than most people who are commenting on this. She's a SWEET SWEET GIRL! She actually came to my rescue on a video shoot when I ran off in tears. I think she's a creative Genius and Driven beyond belief... I admire that. Now, for those Who hold a different opinion but are able to disagree in an intelligent manner thank you, There was some insight I didn't take into account that I really do find interesting, the piece about championing the LGBT community .... i Dig that. everyone needs a hero. Do I have to AGREE with everything she does to love her?
And about Beyonce', I'm a fan, I think SHE'S GENIUS, and we have a cool relationship, she's sweet to me every time I see her. I admire and respect her artistry, and LOVE her Voice and that's a MASSIVE complement in my world. Do I have to agree with everything she does to love her? and i ask, does anyone have to agree with everything i do or say to love me? the views I'm expressing here are not meant to attack anyone, not the fans or the artists... i don't want to HURT people.. it my opinion.

Anyone trying to turn this into a PERSONAL DISS and DRAMA for their entertainment... Hopefully this clears it up for you ... Anyone else who doesn't wanna be in my world, or finds me offensive, ... UN! FOLLOW! ... The most important thing I've learned with my Grandmothers passing (who was a community activist) almost exactly a year ago, and my GREAT grandmothers passing THIS morning (who was ALSO a preacher and very outspoken woman) Authenticity is MUCH more important than being LIKED or being part of the IN CROWD

I don't need internet anonymity to be speak my mind, and I will KEEP standing up for what I believe in ....And I will KEEP SPEAKING AND SINGING MY TRUTH, trusting that ANY ONE who is attracted to my music will be moved by in what ever way they need.

I feel blessed to be prosperous doing what I do, HOW I do it. Truly! Profound thanks to those who allow my music to be a part of your life.

And in the grand scheme of things, Actually, I'm learning to be thankful for EVERYone ... This is an age old paradigm ... People will always analyze debate and clash and rub ... Every generation rebels against the previous, and argues with the next, and there are tipping points where things change drastically, Its what pushes humanity forward ... So ... THAT'S it.

Please ReTweet
I will not address this again.


WH:Events In Atlanta

If you are in Atlanta you SHOULD be at Jakes IceCream Sunday Evening! My girl Graham_Knox the singer/songwriter/model will be celebrating the launch of her website and performing a few songs for you! I'll be jamming with her on the bgvs..and Jakes has great icecream so you cant lose!!!! Come out!! TNT BabyKayKs
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KayKi's Closet

So this shoe is simply gorgeous! I love it! When I saw it I thought about one person- my bff Becky..she'd love it too! So we'll dedicate this edition of KayKi's Closet to B! Click the photo to follow her on twitter lol! TNT BabyKayks


DIGGY Signs To Atlantic Records!!


Yes! So if you missed the MTMM post I did of Diggy a few days ago..you need to check the archive! Anywho..his big sis Angela twitpic'd this photo of him signing to Atlantic Records...so proud! Dude is really hot! Just in case you missed it..peep it below again! Congrats we wish him the best! TNT BabyKayKs

Star of the OMG Girlz turns 14!


Star & her fam...click to follow Star on Twitter

Tiny & Tip threw daughter Star of the OMG Girlz a rockstar themed bday party this past weekend. The OMG Girlz were there to show love to their fellow band mate along with a host of other celebs, fam, & friends! Star looked really cute in her lil rockstar fit. Shout out to Freddyo.com for the pics..and visit Freddyo.com for more. TNT BabyKayKs

Friday, March 19, 2010

Brandy Launches New Site

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Yall know I LOVE my girl Brandy. She is my fave singer..and most singers - well good singers that I know love her too. She's an amazing gift to music! Anywho- she launched her website www.4everbrandy.com today..with her new rapping career (and no really- she can rap lol) and the new reality show built around her and her fam...we're sure to be getting our dose of B Rocka! So to celebrate the launce of the site, she favored us with another bathroom performance.. the chic always goes in! TNT BabyKayKs

Find more videos like this on 4everBrandy.com - The Official Site

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WH:Events In Atlanta

Unfortunately...I dont consider myself a "fan" of many artists these days..everybody is lacking something. Well..I can honestly say I am a huge fan of Sir Will & the Rose Parade...they are incredible! This guy has managed to give me some hope in real hip hop... flow is incredible lyrically & he understands melody-which you can tell in his rhymes. Not only is his music dope but- to experience it live is a whole other ball game.. when I say its unbelievable- I mean it! You should find yourself at this mixtape release..you will regret it if you dont! If you live in surrounding areas..its worth the drive lol.. Come out- make sure you say hi...TNT BabyKayKs
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You know I never ever get tired of posting vids of my nieces and nephews...excuse all of the yelling-my family believes in encouraging our babies! Hope this brings a smile to your faces as it did mine! TNT BabyKayKs

My niece Madyson 7yrs old

My niece Amoria 3 yrs. old

KayKi's Closet

I found these shoes on NecoleB's website...umm... *sigh* click to see more.

Evelyn Lozado’s Store Dolce in Miami


Friday, March 12, 2010



Well not today but tomorrow- the 13th is my bday..Im not sure how old I was in this pic..but thought I'd post a baby/toddler pic of me to celebrate! Im certain this is the Im tire of being here in church face lol. I still have the same tweetie bird/ betty boop face :) lol! TTy Monday!!! xoxo

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KayKi's Closet

Again.. Im on my Balenciaga binge so heres another look at a pair from the Fall 10' collection..be.in.spired. TNT BaybKayKs

Music That Moves Me

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This lil boy is so fly...and literally just killed this! All the makings of a star! Umm..man these young rappers are giving me hope! lol TNT BabyKayKs
Son of a King..why would I eva bow down..?
..but Im still God fearin..filled with the Holy Spirit-so my fly like an angel aint none of yall even near it..

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

So Happy For Toya Johnson?


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So I sort of discontinued (I will have a few more as soon as I hear back from a few people) the Ask KayKi section because literally 95% of the questions were about this lady. I all around stopped posting stuff about her because I have a billion posts about her and this is not the Toya Carter blog! LOL....but I wanted to respond to this email from a fan about something Freddyo posted today.

Freddyo is a well known blogger and knows Toya personally..so today when he posted about Toya and referred to her as Toya Johnson and not Carter... lots of red flags went up!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Click to hear "Black Mermaid"

So I love Esthero... her voice is so beautiful... I couldnt embed the player so you'll have to visit her site to hear it...but its worth the listen. I also love "We R In Need of a Musical Revolution" but my FAVE Esthero record is called, "Thank Heaven For You" and I cant find it anywhere on youtube to post it for yall..but if you can find it.. you'll love it! Enjoy BabyKayks

WH:Events In Atlanta

Havanah Hosts Feng Shui
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Last night I made a last minute decision to go hear one of my fave bands Sir Will & the Rose Parade perform at Havana...and Im so happy I went. I cant explain how on point their set was..if I believed in perfection- it would be the word Id have to use. Sir Will killed, Miss Neveah & Miss Brie killed, and the band killed...it was just an amazing performance.

The club was packed with lots of industry people. Lots of people were in the building.. including: all of Avalon(Chase J, Nivea, Tish), Tiffany Evans, Bryan Michael Cox,Promise,the9000boyz, Tricky Stewart, Kodak Boi, and a host of other people yall know Id never recognize lol! Shout out to Kodak Boi who I re-met last night...again this will be one of those blogs where I say...hit up Kiddunot.com (or click the above picture) for more exclusive pics from last night...peep the video of Sir Will & the Rose Parade below. TNT BabyKayks

Who's Hand is It?!

So another one of my fave blogs had this picture on their site highlighting the audemar money clip...but is it sad that I knew exactly who's hands these were keeping score?


Following the story..my guess was further validated by more flyness cus "The rock on her finger is like a tumor...she cant fit her hand in her new purse"


Anywho..nothing more to this- Its the Carters if you couldnt guess..lol..dope shoes too Bey! TNT BabyKayKs

Kayki's Closet

Balenciaga Binge continued...now these may be a bit much for some of you...but think of them as art lol! The different textures-the shapes.. Love these.. fall 10' line!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kayki's Closet

So today..I went on a Balenciaga BINGE after my brother Frank sent me a pic of these incredible pair of toe kissers...not the ones in the pic.. I'll post them later.. so I've decided to share my binge with you all 1 day at a time. Now these posts are not about going to buy these shoes- they are just about the inspiration you can get from them. The whole outfit is hot to me..but the shoes.. I love em. I was trying to find a bigger picture of them but I failed..enjoy BabyKayKs


Monday, March 8, 2010

Music That Moves Me


So I had a crazy dream last night that a few people I know and myself were on stage with these guys in a huge stadium singing this song! So, I thought I'd share it! I love Casting Crowns and this is my jam! OMG!..dont let this come on in my car lol...I rock out to this record.. God is real..and this song makes me proud to know & say it!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What They Said


Kanye Blogs About Life
Kanye's a genius just reading his blog tells you that. I pray for him and hope that one day he feels better than what he does now. He's such an incredible producer/artist..so revolutionary..I hope things become clearer for him. TNT BabyKayKs
Kanye's Blog
I’m on the plane listening to The College Dropout. It brings back so many memories. When we made it, I had all 6 parents, 4 grandparents and my mom and dad. Now I have my dad and my grandfather. Music is so nostalgic. Every song I listen to brings me back to when I first played them for my mom, when I first played them for Dame, when I first played them for Jay, When I first played them for Kweli, When I first played them for my n*ggas back in Chi, When the album first came out, When I first called Ebro from Hot 97 and begged him to play Through The Wire, When DJ Pharris blew me up in the Chi.

We used to be the n*ggas rocking polo shirts, Louie backpacks, paper denim jeans and exclusive Adidas from Sporty LA. We were the Underdogs. I never feel like I’m not the Underdog. I never felt completely comfortable. I’m tormented by the need to create. With the loss of McQueen I feel like we lost one of the faces of modern creativity’s Mount Rushmore. There were times that the only thing that kept me on this earth was the need and responsibility to create. Maybe McQueen felt his job was done because his last collection was the greatest of the decade. We are all so hurt. I know we’re selfish because he brought us so much joy and inspiration.

I know how it feels when the night demons come. We can’t let them control our hands and feet. Sometimes when it hurts so bad we have to just lay in the bed. Just lay in bed and don’t move Please, I know how it feels. I wish McQueen could have just been still. Don’t let the psychiatrists give you their drugs because it slows down your wings. Society and public opinion can beat the wings off of angels. When God sees they can’t take it anymore, he brings them home.

During this new album process sometimes I turn the music up and drink and cry. When something sounds so amazing and ground-breaking, I’m reminded of Why I live. I drink the pain of Now 2 Generations and breathe our melodies and messages. The music keeps us alive. I was blessed with the opportunity to bring my and others dreams to life. It’s like performing magic or something. It’s surreal. We bring the unrealistic to reality. Go Hard Go Hard Go Hard echoes in my dreams. When I wake up and brush my teeth and look in the mirror it’s like I see Michael and My Mom and Malcolm…Who’s that African in the background Mom? Oh, He created the original layouts for the pyramids, But was written out the history books and his MTV Award was given to “Aliens”.

There’s no such thing as fact anymore.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music That Moves Me


I loved this album(Stripped!)..I think lots of people did! I mean she had every genre of music on it- really showed her vocal ability & flexibility!!! This record is definitely for those people who know what its like to want to be out of a relationship but you have the I cant help its.... Trust me...walk away! lol Enjoy BabyKayKs

The Nash's Welcome a Babygirl!!!

Beautiful pic of Dream & Christina Click to follow Christina

Speaking of couples I love- it has been falsely reported that Dream & Christina's daughter was born a few times in the past month or so. Of course I hate to report any false info to you all , so I was waiting on some confirmation and I got it eearrrly this morning via twitter. I checked my twitter around 3 am this morning and Christina who hasnt tweeted in a while surprisingly was on my homepage, what did she tweet??..
Can't keep my eyes off of her...
Awww how precious so I can officially say congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Nash Im sure their daughter is beautiful!! TNT BabyKayKs

What Chilli Wants Trailer

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I said I'd keep you all up to date w/ Chilli's show due to air on VH1 in April....let me just say- this trailer is gooood! lol If I wasnt gonna watch before now- Im def gonna watch now. What Im gonna need is on the finale for Usher to walk in and say- listen, I dont drink, smoke, or eat pork!!! LOL! Ok yall know I had to go there, I just love them together...and Im not gonna give up..I didnt when he married Tameka- Im not now! LOL..anywho enjoy the trailer and make sure yall watch Chilli's show!!!!!! TNT BabyKayKs

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music That Moves Me


No intro needed, love A Fine Frenzy- lyrically they're music is always great-- and they manage to capture emotion better than most in their music. They have great break up music too lol...fyi, check it & Enjoy :)

Scientists Analyze Earthquake in Chile

I came across this article and thought it rather interesting enough to show you all just how silly some reports can be. Scientists are saying that the earthquake suffered in Chile (and those still happening outside of Chile) have shortened the planet's life by 1. something milliseconds. Now...in order for this to be factual..wouldnt they need to know exactly when the earth will die or life on it will end? Click the title to view the article.

Anywho...thought this was interesting but more important than that- please involve yourselves in efforts to help relieve Chile just as you did Haiti. These people need your help as the Chile earthquake is marked as the 7th strongest quake in the world's history. And again- if you can do nothing else...please pray. TNT BabyKayKs

Love Hurts Video

Here's Nivea's viral video of Love Hurts with a surprise (maybe) guest- Wayne. Now BabyKayKs,I have to say this- I have lots of teenage/young female readers & I feel its important. Based on emails I've received from readers- I know exactly how some of you will interpret this. It is never ok for a man to hurt you, to not appreciate you, to take you for granted- never. I dont want yall to watch this video and think its cute considering that you've seen/heard a lot about Wayne and the women in his life. This is just a video, but the song can easily be considered a mirror of Wayne & Nivea's real life love story (even though its old & Niv didnt pen it).

I personally thought it would've been better to not let Wayne play the role simply because I thought the song was such a powerful statement to women about moving on & getting what you deserve- and to have him in the video could basically negated the whole point of the record. So- I'll say this, dont over analyze this video- consider it Nivea's buzz video & she has access to one of the biggest rappers right now- and she's using it to her advantage. Enjoy BabyKayKs

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Whats Hannneninnn: Events In Atlanta

Here are a couple of events happening this week that Id like to invite you all to. Both Promise & Graham have great shows lined up for you all and I will be rocking on stage with them, so come out if you're free!

Also a couple of other weekly events youre likely to see me at & enjoy- check out my fellas the 9000boyz at Keep It Classic Wednesdays every Wednesday night at Inferno Lounge 393 Marietta & my boys Dukes of Daville's event every Thursday at Utopia as well. Again these events are every week! TNT BabyKayKs
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