Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whats Hanneninnn: Events In Atlanta

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Ok, its here again BabyKayKs! If you havent noticed, there is a GRS show once a month. So, check back if you cant make this one. I'll be on background vocals as usual. This show will be amazing. Its going to be entertaining, insightful, and educational all in one. Victor is definitely a theatre kid at heart. This is promising to be an amazing show! The others were great too, but this one is going to steal the cake!!

This show will feature amazing talent such as: Victor Jackson, Amber Iman, Starchild, Rae, Mylah, and Chantae Cann!! Its going to be wonderful! The song selections are all from Black Musicals. Some of them you will recognize, but you may not know where they come from! Well leave it up to us and you will know when you leave. This show is going to be like no other! So, if you dont have any plans on Valentines Day, bring your love to Uptown Lounge for great food, drinks, and AMAZING entertainment! See ya there! & again, please say hi! I always get the "I came to your show" email days later :( lol! TNT BabyKayKs xoxo

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