Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wayne Says GoodBye via LilTwistTV..but not really... :)

Wayne & Twist- click to follow Twist!

So Wayne is known to hop on YM's Lil Twist's Ustream frequently. Last night he logged on to say goodbye to everyone and have a little fun. Its great to see Wayne taking this so well, its very encouraging even to me. The video is hilarious-the fellas definitely have a sense of humor! Wayne even jokes about what he will eat while away.I just thought it was great to see him in such good spirits considering a lot of others arent. Shout out to Twist..remember how I told you all he was such a kind young man at Jayde's party and how he got Breezy on the phone for her, well watching this video made me think the same way. He's such a nice young man..just humble and kind. I just get great energy from this guy & I wish him much more success! kudos to Twist!

Well everybody has been praying for weeks about this situation (some even longer)and today we all got a little surprise. Wayne's judge was asked to extend Wayne's stay out of jail for a while due to some tooth issue, lol. Well the prosecution recommended he start his bid on the 25th according to MTV, but the judge extended it even more to the 2rd of March. I think its great news! Anymore time he can spend with his loved ones is great! So everybody is smiling a little more today- everybody who cares to. Thought I'd update you all..Wayne is still free for a bit! TNT BabyKayKs!

I tried to embed the video- but it wont work :/ Check it at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4579486! Though its hilarious throughout the video- it becomes more serious at the end as Wayne addresses his fans from the heart.

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