Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wayne joins Twitter

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Is this news, LOL..not to me, but I know my readers love them some Wayne..so I try to keep up with him. I tell you what, Im not personally following him, but I will say that I have been intrigued by his tweets that are RT by my tweeties! First off, you should know that within 24 hrs he had 100k plus followers LOL! More interesting than that though as I said is what he's tweeting. What would you as a fan expect Wayne to be tweeting about? Maybe you all know him better than I do...lol...because I was shocked. I went to his page when I saw someone RT'ing him and was almost tempted to follow him.

He's tweeting some pretty sweet love quotes. I was teasing yesterday about him getting his Shakespeare on..but I think its dope that he's not afraid to show that side of him, even if its via twitter. I called my girl who always fusses about what all of these women see in Wayne and read her the tweets- she cracked up. Though I am intrigued by his tweets, its not a surprise to me that they are so sweet or that women fall for him. He's a rapper & rappers are really just poets w/ urban vocabulary..Im sure Wayne can talk his way in and out of any situation...he's great with words lol. So anywho, if youre on twitter and have managed to not know that he's on there, now you do. It is really him, so dont worry about fakes..lol

Wayne's quotes that almost made me click follow! LOL
if love is everywhere,i'll never end up in the middle of nowhere.
about 3 hours ago via web
hello future,goodbye now,im on my way to the past.....................
about 17 hours ago via web
aint it funny how love finds you in your darkest place...?
1:18 PM Feb 22nd via web
if its held in your heart,u kant let go.
3:32 AM Feb 22nd via web
Deep stuff right?! lol..TNT BabyKayKs

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