Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tell The Truth

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So, thats a pretty dope submarine. Bright pink. Funny part is, traditionally the color pink is attributed to girls/women...but today there is a national headline regarding the Pentagon & women serving on submarines. There isnt much information on the site itself regarding details of the issue, but this much is clear, women have not been able to serve on submarines here in America- does this bother anyone else? I believe its rather interesting that this type of information is not made a pressing issue by the public. I try to keep you all informed of not just entertainment but issues that effect you everyday..whether you know it or not!

I am grateful for every step towards equality that we have made as a nation, but Im afraid that in light of those accomplishments our fight has become weaker. There are still issues of equality that have to be dealt with, and we cant be distracted by the fact that we've made such accomplishments. What sense does it make that a woman was almost elected as the President, but there are still restrictions on where we can serve on the ground/water? SMH! Make yourselves aware of these issues...talk about them with your friends/fam/public officials. Be informed! S/O to my Spelsis Victoria White Mason for informing me of this. TNT BabyKayKs

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