Monday, February 8, 2010

Tell The Truth:

Bigger Than Weezy!!
Dad(oldest 2 children) & big bro (thats his lil brother in the back w/ the blue glasses)

So heres my attempt to get people to see an Icon as merely another human goes nothing..

Lil Wayne/Weezy F. Baby/whatever you call him.. is an amazing gift to the industry. He's probably your favorite rapper. He has a billion hits, is a cross over artist & very well respected by his peers! I would be avoiding the truth if I didnt say that just a year ago he was just another rapper. As Ive said many times, I wouldnt even have considered myself a fan before about a year ago. Around that time, I was sort of forced to sit and listen to him, lol. Im glad I did. This blog though is not about Wayne the Icon going to jail- as I always attempt to do w/ this blog- I want my BabyKayKs to think outside of the norm- see things for what they really are.

Though he is an incredible artist, and as a fan I hate to see him being taken away from life as he knows it to spend time in jail, this is bigger than "Weezy". My life's journey over the past year has led me to a few places, and people that make Wayne going to jail today a little more personal. Two people in particular were Wayne's two oldest children. I met Reginae at the first tweet & meet & Lil Tune at his TTs bday party. These kids are just sweet & adorable & SO talented, both of them!! Meeting these two puts all of this into a whole other perspective. Maybe Lil Tune and the other two babies are too young to know whats happening, but Reginae sure does. This clip from the Carter Documentary makes my point way better than I ever could.

With those introductions came the reality that we as "fans" dont usually identify with. We see our stars as these huge untouchable Icons. Wayne in a sense is always seen as a machine..someone who is always making dope music. To his fans, his time away will be bitter sweet, but he has enough music to last probably your whole lifetime- you may not even know he's gone. His family & friends on the other hand, will have a totally different reality for the next (at least) 8 months. So to those who feel the need to blabber on about how he's not a role model, deserves this, blah blah AND blah...I'd urge you to think of him outside of his music. Think of his children, mother, and others in his life and set aside your judgemental ideas to say a prayer for him & those that know him not as Lil Wayne, but as Daddy, or Son, or Friend.

Another with Reginae & Baby Tune! B/c I know I have a few readers who think I favor these two (SMH!) there are no pics online of the other two..not that I owe you any explanation for whats on MY blog.

Son (Wayne & hi Mom) click to follow her- yes she's on twitter!

Nicki Minaj on Waynes time away!

Im rooting for Wayne to come back stronger, wiser, and better than when he left. Erykah Badu has been tweeting for the past week or so all love & blessings about and for Wayne. Im with her. I pray that this time away for him is not just jail time, but its time for this non stop working guy to take a break from it all, examine life, get some rest, and peace of mind. I have faith that YM will be strong and keep moving forward, and I have no doubt that his children will be ok- they all have wonderfully strong mothers who love them a lot! As sad of a situation as this may seem... God knows what we need- He always knows. If this write up is pulling at your heart & bringing tears to your eyes- thats on purpose. I didnt want to make you sad per se, but I wanted your humanity to identify with his for just a second. Hope it worked. So again keep the whole YM/Carter family in your prayers & remember these celebs are a lot more than what you see in front of the cameras. TNT BabyKayKs!

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  1. Its amazing how we forget a/b how fragile we are as humans! Very thought provoking!