Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TAGS is not closing Sandra Rose..SMH!

Kandi & her business partner Peaches-click to shop online!

So, who knows who Sandra Rose is? She's a fellow blogger...who's blog I really dont care to read...98% of the time its negative & people can excuse it as her niche or a front..but I dislike it. Anywho, today I hopped on twitter to find Kandi tweeting away about her store not closing. Immediately I knew who blogged such a thing. I didnt even have to go read all of the tweets I'd missed. Following Kandi came a slew of other tweets from various people that I follow, all feeling the same way...Sandra Rose is full of it and needs to stop reaching.

What Kandi had to say via Twitter:
TAGS is not closing so do not believe the hype. again the site is www.TAGSatl.com get on the mailing list 4 an invite 2 our next event

Also they have started their online shopping this month for those of you who cant make it to the actual store. Kandi & her partner have some pretty hot fashions in there, so check it out! Im not hating on SR I just wish she was happier with her life- then she'd have happier things to say..like visit TAGSATL.com! lol TNT BabyKayKs

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