Monday, February 1, 2010

One of My All Time Favorite Couples Back Together??

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Ok, now BabyKayKs, yall know I try to stay away from rumors, but this isnt a hate/bad rumor and I cant help myself. I have ALWAYS loved Usher and Chilli together and even though my least favorite blog is reporting this, I cant help but hope its true. The rumor is that Chilli and Usher have rekindled their relationship recently! These two were just made for each other, period. Its so obvious! Im gonna say a prayer tonight that its true and hopefully my prayers will be answered! LOL TNT BabyKayKs


  1. I hope its true also!

  2. Wait isnt he married?? Well I hope he gets a divorce then they get back together if he is!

  3. Oh No! Not "I wish he gets divorced" lol- but I think he already is, unfortunately Im not very good at keeping up with anything Usher...well except that datblasted cologne! Have you smelled it?? O.M.G.LOVE IT! Not sure if he is actually divorced, but I thought he was. Thanks for your comment (s)?!