Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Click to follow Solange...and I LOVE this short hair on her..this pic is FIERCE!

Ok, I hate to sound trite, but a lot of people sleep on Solange. I know Bey is like THE biggest star in R&B/pop music and sometimes being a sibling of someone so huge is like being a star against the sun... sort of not noticed..BUT real singers/music lovers/ musicians see & appreciate Solange VERY well. Solange is an absolutely incredible writer/arranger! She's written for DC3 and each of the ladies on their solo projects, along with other songs you may recognize.

Solange is a force & I cant wait for the right opportunity to come along where she can be pushed correctly! This last album was insane! I love every minute of it! The lyrics, feel, arrangements all of it is commendable! I loved how I felt her heart & passion for what she does as well. It was out the box, but it was also a breath of fresh air to me! So, anywho, this particular song features Bilal (if you dont know him you should!) maybe I'll feature him on tomorrows MTMM. Well Enjoy BabyKayKs

Solange ft. Bilal "Cosmic Journey"

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