Monday, February 1, 2010

KayKi's Closet:Special Edition- Stevie Boi

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So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you know exactly what SB Shades are. You may not know who makes them, but you definitely know what they look like. These amazingly crafted pieces of art have been seen on all of the hottest celebs from Nicki Minaj, Gaga, Tiny, Toya,Rasheeda to Meagan Good; just to name a few. So, because I know a lot of my readers are into the Atlanta social scene and love the local celebs here, I reached out to a few people that they often work with to see if I could shed a little light on who they are- just for my BabyKayKs!

I hit Stevie Boi up on twitter, and he obliged me by taking a moment out of his crazy schedule to answer just a few questions!(Thanks luv!)

KayKi: How/When/Why did you start making the shades?
SB:The creation of my shades were inspired by nightmares I had as a kid!I would play with a lot of fabrics and try to re create what I dreamt
of or yet imagined.8 months ago I decided to take my art mainstream
and start

KayKi: Are they available to the general public, if not when will they be?
SB:My new eyewear line entitled “Fallen Agnel” will be released Feb 6th I just released pictures of the new line to the public, lots of good
feedback! (See

KayKi: Who are some of your top clients?
SB: Top clients are Rasheeda, Tiny & Toya, Kandi, Angel Lola luv,
Sabrina Washington, Teyanna Taylor etc.

Thanks to SB for answering those questions for me!!! LOVE the shades...def trying to rock the lace ones for my bday in March!! So dope & unique ugh! love them! Ok TNT BabyKayKs

More SB fashions!! See Today to get yours!

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