Monday, January 25, 2010

Whats Hannenin:Events In the A!

Rasheeda & Nivea, Sir Will & The Rose Parade among artists who hit the stage at ATL For Haiti Relief Effort at Obsessions!!
My girl Miss Brie (@MissBrieDidIt)1/2 of the Rose Petals in Sir Will & the Rose Parade, Rasheeda (@RasheedaGaPeach), Nivea (@1RandyWatson), and Miss Neveah the other 1/2 of the Rose Parade CUTE ladies!!

A few days ago, I uploaded a joint that Nivea & Rasheeda did for the MTMM feature. They remixed Timbaland and Drake's Say Somethin...and it is hot! Since I heard that record I dont care to hear the original. Its like when it drops on the radio, you're just praying its Niv's hook you hear come in, lol no shade to Drake, but that remix goes hard! Last night along with a few other artists, they came together and performed it live for the ATL for Haiti benefit show at Club Obsessions! I wasnt able to make it, but thanks to Freddyo and Kodak Boi I have a few photos and a video of their performance. Among the artists there were rapper, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mobb), & Sir Will and the Rose Parade which is another dope act s/o to my girly Brie - I know they ripped the stage as always!!!!!

Rasheeda is just that chic right?! I mean, I love her style and she went super hard on this remix. She's not a joke on the mic people, and everytime I hear her the more convinced I am that sooo many rappers male & female swagger jack her on a regular, but each his/her own. She def was killin in those SB shades (Im gonna have to interview this cat- his shades are everywhere!)!! I must say again that Im so glad to hear Niv back doing her shade to the other female singers out, but we just need something refreshing...and I have a feeling Nivea is gonna bring it with this next album. She's killing us w. the fashion as well-- ha! Dont act like yall dont remember, Niv was rocking the funky colored hair way before anybody else... I guess its safe to say...sheeee's baaaaack. lol. Enjoy the pics and video and again s/o to Freddyo & Kodak Boi TNT BabyKayKs

More Photos:
Rasheeda & Nivea

Nivea was GIVING in that fit last night- WORK ma'am!

Rasheeda killin in the SB shades as always

Sir Will & the Rose Parade doing what they do on stage!

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