Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tell The Truth

Christina Milian says Get it Right MTO!
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The gorgeous singer/songwriter/actress/mommy to be/wife of producer Dream *whew* lol Christina Milian took to her twitter page to defend her recent trip to a Sushi restaurant. MTO posted a story entitled "Dangerous Meal" reporting that the singer was seen leaving a sushi restaurant and posted pictures of her walking down the street(which didnt have any sushi in them, but hey..its MTO).

The implication is that Christina is set to have a baby here soon, and everyone knows that raw fish is not good for pregnant women. Christina took to her twitter page to make sure that people understood she was not putting her child into harms way! Blogs should be more careful about what they post- some things are just not worth implying! Get your stories straight- obviously this mama will be no joke once her little one gets here!!As always we wish her a happy/healthy pregnancy/birth/and baby :) Christina has visited us before :) You can find her comment in the Twitter love section! TNT BabyKayKs

There are cooked things to eat at a sushi restaurant @Mediatakeout... Duh, I have done my research and would never put my baby in danger so

Hope I don't sound harsh, but yeah I am very aware of the dangers. And no, I didn't eat any sushi. I am just already very protective

PS: Have yall seen her lately? OMG..she is carrying SO well... she's one of those adorable pregnant

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