Friday, January 15, 2010

Tell The Truth


Have you ever watched a movie where someone was being harmed and you wanted revenge for them because you felt their disparity. Then some kind of way the bad guy is caught and you feel a sense of overwhelming peace -even though the movie isnt real? Well, I just had a real life moment like that. I, honestly I cant form my words very well right now because Im so overwhelmed with these videos. Let me try to speak my piece in a concise way-the videos speak for themselves. Dont forget to donate to Click the link on the right panel of this blog to go straight to the donation page!

Excuse the title, its just a random one that was sent to me.

Ok, Mr. Pat Robertson. Here is an example of where a leader needs to know when to shut up! I dont care if God in the flesh came down with an army of angels and revealed to you that Haiti made a deal with the devil. This time, right now; while their babies are dying, friends/fam helplessly buried under mounds of concrete and years & years of poverty and ignorance on our part prior to this- is NOT the time to say such a thing. Are you kidding me? You are a man of God, but you feel it ok to say that these people are suffering right now because they have sold their souls to the devil? What part of that makes sense? IF you want to talk about people being full of hell...lets talk about the fact that Haiti has for as long as I can remember been a place on the brink of destruction because WE fail to acknowledge the value of the lives over there. Lets talk about how America is made up of a gazillion Christians, and churches but the most we do is send a mission trip or two over once a year while these people barely have food/shelter.

Lets talk about the fact that very little pressure is put on the Government by tax paying citizens like yourself (I hope) until something like this happens. You sir have to be a better steward of your position. When you hold the opinions of many in your hands/ must cherish that. What you say can encourage/discourage people to action. While you're talking about people shaking hands w/Satan somebody's child, mother, father, sibling, grandmother, pastor(Oh prob dont think they have those) is laying under a building praying to our God for help. I would think you of all people would be sending one up too instead of taking on the role of God and saying who's damned and who isnt.

Limbaugh... I dont like talking about fools and he's shown me over the years that he is I'll use the next few words to say how I feel about him. Limbaugh has built an empire off of hate! He gets off on being evil and spreading hatred. Someone who is consumed with bashing, I mean this is his job- has no life. He has no sense of what it means to be a human being, to love people, to build each other up instead of always ALWAYS tearing someone down.

Unfortunately you've bitten yourself in the ass this time. Your whole point is about how America is in need too and how Obama should be helping America, as if these arent people in Haiti too. No life, yours, mine is more valuable than another. To say that he came out within 24 hrs. to respond to the natural disaster that was the Haiti Earthquake totally negates your whole argument. If he ran to save a life in Haiti- it means he values life- but you are mad because we are struggling as a whole a little bit here in America. Life is life. How dare you down play what has happened in Haiti as if it equates in anyway (or has ever equated) to our little economic downturn????? Really? No, really?

Ok, BabyKayKs watch this one! This guy, Mr. Keith Olbermann speaks all of my frustration and Im glad. I think he addressed this situation very well!

Ok, I have no more to say- well I do, but I said I'd try to keep it short for yall sake so here my Please watch all three videos from start to finish! TNT BabyKayKs...walk in love.

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