Friday, January 8, 2010

Tell The Truth

We havent heard much from Keyshia Cole lately, but we have heard a lot about her! I got an email (not an Ask KayKi) just an email asking me if I am a K Cole fan or not and why I havent posted anything about her being married already. Well again..I never try to post anything that is not a proven fact. Other blogs post rumors/hateful things because thats what survive off of...I will never do that here. Freddyo did post a letter today straight from KC that I felt would help to solidify and questions her fans may have about whats happening in her life at the moment. This is not only a great point of clarity for her fans, but its also the reason why I dont post rumors. Now that KC has come out and said that the reports from her family are false, Im sure those other blog readers are like...what?! Thank God you read here & wont have that issue! TNT BabyKayKs

“To all my friends and fans – It’s time that I clear the air. It’s not a secret that I haven’t been in contact with my mother Frankie, and my sisters Neffe and Elite and I never wanted to air out our differences to the public. While I won’t go into detail here I find it necessary to let you guys know I decided to stop communication with them because I was at a point in my life where I needed serenity and peace to move forward. Please know I love my family very much but it was time to let it go. You guys are a witness to a lot of what was happening from watching on air and online. Now that I am becoming a mom my passion for having a loving and peaceful home for my child is my #1 priority. It’s very important to both Daniel and I. My plate is very full; I have a new baby coming, we are planning our wedding and I am working in the studio on a new album that I am close to completing. The stress that my family is giving me with their constant false reports is not healthy and it’s not what I need at this time in my life. Please understand that there are only a few people that can officially confirm or deny anything that’s happening in my life and that’s me, Daniel, and my publicist, Tresa Sanders. And my girl Monica never lies.”
Love Your Girl,


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