Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robby from City High has an Intervention

This is def not Season 2...but you get the picture!

One of my absolute favorite shows on tv is Intervention. It stems from my heart for people and my desire to see how people's lives can change. I have blogged before about substance abuse and how much I am moved by people's personal struggles...moved to help in some way. Last night's episode of Intervention featured a familiar face to some of us: Robby from the group City High. Below is a clip of the show for those of you who missed it. I pray he stays on the road to recovery for himself, but mainly for his daughter who needs her father's love and attention. The industry- though not responsible per se for artist's addiction- is like a grand introduction to all things bad for you and can be a very difficult place for someone not strong enough to fight the temptations.

Many artists/celebs struggle with some form of substance abuse, and it is obvious that coping with that lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Whats the moral? Though it hurts to discuss and even to watch your favorite celeb take a turn for the worst (as it is always obvious- even physically when they do) it is also very helpful in showing that these people are REAL, and have real struggles just as you do. Lets all send a prayer up for Robby and the other people who bring so much joy, love, excitement into your lives. Celebs help to create some of your most cherished memories, and usually we dont think much about the burden placed on them. My prayers are with Robby again, and his family! TNT BabyKayKs

City High..Robby, Claudette, and Ryan

Robby on Intervention

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  1. Wow! That's crazy. I guess no one is immune to substance abuse. I'm not a big fan of that show. Just too agonizing for me to watch I guess. But I will watch this episode. Thanks.