Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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Today's selection is by none other than the wonderfully talented, and equally beautiful Ledisi! This was her performance on the Monique Show, and boy oh boy. This woman's range is just stupid! I mean stupid in a good way. She's such a performer!!! Now, I usually shy away from the squallers, but I love her. Her album, Turn Me Loose is in stores now and Ledisi also is a 2010 Grammy Nom!!!! Love her, the album is great! When our First Lady Michelle Obama was asked who she listened to...guess who she said- Ledisi!!! LOL! Yes ma'am The First Lady knows great music when she hears it! This particular song is about self love- and I believe its something a lot of people, especially my sisters are missing!!!!! You have to love yourself before you expect any man to come a long and do so. Listen to the words! Enjoy BabyKayKs!

Ledisi on The Monique Show, "Higher Than This"

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