Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Or maybe we should call this "Music That Moves Jayde" lol. Every now and then I ask on twitter what songs people would like to suggest for this section. The other week I chose Niece's "Bad Romance" by GaGa...and today we're gonna go with Jayde's pick because its her birthday!!!! I'd never have posted this/listened to it before, but its actually kinda hot. Jayde is a sweet heart and she has shown this blog SO much love, so hey its the least we can do right!? Happy Bday mama...I hope you have a blast this weekend w/your big sis!! Im not sure the A is ready for ya! lol Enjoy BabyKayKs
Jayde is @Jayde_2010 on twitter...follow her and wish her a happy bday!

Beyonce/A.Keys "Put It in A Love Song"

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