Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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This joint is pretty popular! These ladies are as well. I give Mary Mary credit from the door for being artists who arent afraid to do things a little differently to reach different people. Many people who know nothing about gospel music still know MaryMary and that is great. I had someone text me who only knew of Mary Mary to ask for other artists just because they wanted to hear more. We are meant to plant seeds in people and thats what the Marys do.

If by chance you dont know them. The real life sisters Erica and Tina popped up on the scene a few years back with another great record "Shackles". Ever since that album they have been comfortably sitting as one of gospel musics greatest artist of our time. They are known not only for their crazy sense of style and fashion, but for their love of Christ and absolutely amazing gifts. They both are wives and mothers and still have strong on going careers. You may also know them as judges on BET's Sunday's Best show or one of the numerous other ventures. I thank God for Mary Mary and I pray that they continue to break boundaries and present the gospel to more people!
You think Im so fresh..."Its the God in me!" Mary Mary ft. Kierra Sheard

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