Monday, January 11, 2010

Music That Moves Me

So, I decided yesterday that all of this week's MTMM sections will feature inspirational/Christian music. For many reasons: first off, I think I have a great insight on this music and I'd be a great person to recommend a few artists for those of you looking to build your collection, also a good friend of mine hit me up yesterday asking for some recommendations after I'd already said I was gonna do this. I took that as confirmation. There are SO many great artists out there, and Id love to put my readers up on some!!! So to start of course I've chosen my FAVORITE (since I can remember) artist Fred Hammond. Since I was a child, he has always been my favorite. I remember my mom buying me his Speak Those Things Live DVD one day and bringing it home, like "I know youre gonna love this!". I'll tell you what it has always been for me.

Fred writes songs that are about God! A lot of gospel music is about us and our hard times and how God is gonna see us through them. Fred has been writing Praise & Worship music (that everybody is so into now) since I can remember. It doesnt hurt that his melodies are sick & his songs are guitar/bass driven a lot which I absolutely love. So, he just makes music that I love to listen to both lyrically and musically. On top of that, its great how small the world is. My sister ended up marrying one of the most talented musicians that I know (Phillip Feaster) and just because God favors me (LOL!), he now plays for Fred. He cowrote & produced the latest project, "Love Unstoppable" along with a few others.

OK, Ok! Phillip has that gig because he deserves it! But it sure works out for me! LOL. Anywho, Fred's latest is absolutely insane! I love it! You cant say gospel without saying Fred Hammond in my opinion. Google him, he's incredible! Today's feature is a single from the latest project called , They That Wait. It features another legend in the game Pastor John P. Kee. This song is SO encouraging! Its definitely one you can jam too and one that will help motivate you to get up and keep going! Enjoy TNT BabyKayKs

Fred Hammond "They That Wait"

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