Friday, January 8, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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Tweet has to be one of the most classic artists of our time. I recently sat in a meeting w/ a mutual friend Victor (its always I sing w. him& he knows a'erbody lol) and a few others and we went IN just talking about her albums and how her music just speaks through to your heart. Lyrically & vocally tweet is simply amazing! I remember going through some things in my relationship and I lived/ate/slept "Southern Hummingbird" as if it had just been released! You know an album is classic when you can pull it out literally years later and it still FEELS relevant and timeless.

I personally appreciate tweet as a vocalist because as a vocalist myself its comforting to hear someone who can very well riff you to glory, but she knows how to approach a song. She knows that all of the riffs and such are not always necessary, and that her tone & lyric alone can carry a listner to where ever that song is meant to take them *Take notes singers*. I recently had the pleasure of singing with her in the audience and when I say I was nervous because of that. OMG! lol..and I dont really get that way often, but I just respect her so much vocally that its singing for you? ummm..maybe next time :)

Also on a whole other tip... follow me BabyKayKs... There is something special about Tweet's voice. Something different. Something that heals you. I always have said that she should do a Christian (ok..gospel lol) album because of that. Some people when they open their can just feel and know that God gave them something special on purpose. Like Brandy or Whitney, like really God...thats how You feel? lol! Tweet is an example of that. I could have very well chosen any song by Tweet as a MTMM feature because they all move me! The industry (her peers) is long awaiting her next project and that alone says a lot about someone's work! So enjoy this new record from the lovely Tweet and also look out for her daughter/twin (they look JUST a like! lol) StarChild who is just as dope. They remind me of my family in that everybody is just walking around with crazy vocals. TNT BabyKayKs

Tweet "Love Again"

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