Friday, January 1, 2010


*Please Read!From my heart to yours* ~1.1.10~

Dear BabyKayKs,

Words can NOT express how thankful I am to all of you for reading my blog/commenting/emailing me/tweeting about it and so on. This year has been a journey for sure! I plan to keep blogging about the things around me and I hope you continue to read. Thank you for hitting my site up over 5000 times in a couple of months. That doesnt seem like a lot until you consider that Im an amatuer at this and really just started it for me.

On a personal note there are a few people I have to thank for their contributions to my life this year! Of course I'll start with Thanking God because BabyKayKs this year has been insane for me! lol...but Im still here, stronger, smarter, and prepared for whatever 2010 has. I thank God that the thing I was praying about last year on New Years Eve I wasnt praying about this year. So thats a word to the wise. Everything around you may not be perfect but look around and see what God has done for you and smile. My family of course. It would take the next 365 days to explain the support and love I have received from my family this year. I pray that I am able to reflect the same light their way. All of my friends I love you ALL!

Now, this year marked a lot of firsts for me. I wrote/recorded my first song (even though people dont believe me...I really did just start in August!) Started my blog :), and moved on (thats a whole other blog too). There are a few people who I have to thank for being instrumental in all of this. My buddy Doug Whatley who nurtured the gift of writing in me and kept me in the studio writing/arranging/vocally producing somebody's something night and day! I thank you for believing in what I didnt even see. Im excited about what 2010 holds for us!! Sam, thanks for trusting me with your project..Im so proud of your growth and its gonna be great! Victor thanks for believing in my gifts, talents, and showing me how to approach the gifts God has given me. To all the people who have pulled me into sessions to write, those who have given me advice- and taken what Im doing seriously...reached out to help, inspired me, told me they loved my records: my siblings, bffs, Val Houston, Careen, Quinness Parker, Brown, Tiffany Evans, Mike Mosely, RJ, Donald, Promise, Cristyle, and the list goes on..I thank you.

To Jonniece - thank you for supporting my blog like you have. You deserve a special shout out BabyKayK for CONSTANTLY plugging tweeting about ! I love you lil sis and Im so proud of the young woman you are! Cant wait for you to come to Atl :) To all other celebs (yes other, yall dont know Jonniece is a star? lol) Who showed love to my blog (check side panel Celeb section) I thank you.

Finally I'd like to thank the people who tried to make 2009 hell for me. You know who you are. Thanks to those who lied, took food out of my mouth,backbit, & refused to help when you could. Um.. its odd looking back through a painful year and seeing how everything you did (though you thought it would destroy me) propelled me into a place I would've never willfully walked into. Yet this place is right where Im meant to be. If God had to take me all the way down emotionally & financially in order to show you what He is able to do even w/ your opposition- I am glad he chose me to do so. Watch Him work in 2010...and let me know if you ever need anything..I promise, I'll be right here.

OK, well thats all BabyKayKs I love love love loveLOVE you! Oh & my NY Resolution is to keep resolving..because we are not perfect their will always be something we can do to better ourselves. The honor is in trying. :)TNT BabyKayKs

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