Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Still Needs Help!


A lot of times when these types of things happen, because we dont face them on a regular here in America its easy to become numb to the reality that others are facing. Dont just go on with your life as usual and forget that the people of Haiti still need your help. I heard on the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning that not only do the people in Haiti not have access to fresh food/water, but they are also lacking the machinery necessary to maneuver all of the rubble! They are using their hands and some people are still trapped.

We have leaders such as Dr. Gupta saying things such as the situation is hopeless. Leaders, as Steve said today have to be very VERY careful with their word choices. When you have people's opinions (therefore actions) holding on to your every word, you can kill or birth their desire to help. I was displeased with Dr. Gupta's wordchoice w/ Steve. The situation in Haiti may not be hopeFUL, but its never HopeLESS. I know that there are too many good hearted people in the world who are willing to help! Please visit Wyclef's organization to donate- I recommend it. * Also below are a few more ways in which people are reaching out to help!

American Airlines are flying credentialed doctors over for FREE!!
212 697-9767
UPS is shipping anything under 50 lbs to Haiti for FREE!!

*See the How to Help Haiti article for more info!
Also dont forget to pray! If you cant do anything else BabyKayKs dont feel bad. To those of you who make it rain in the clubs every weekend... Im gonna need you to help! TNT BabyKayKs!

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