Friday, January 1, 2010

Diddy MARRIED today!!? *Update*

Kim and Diddy Click to follow him on twitter!

This might be Diddy being silly, but-the blogs may have been right?? Dare I say it!! Mediatakeout and bossip have been reporting all week that Diddy was rumored to marry his long time love & mother of 3 of his children, Kim Porter today. I hope this is true because Kim has been there for him! He just tweeted this:
iamdiddy Just married!
Congrats to he and Kim (if its Kim, maybe its Cassie??) Anywho congrats.. love is real...TNT BabyKayKs

*Diddy was pulling our leg I think..he tweeted this shortly after:
iamdiddy The ciroc got me believin the blogs. Lol.
A little hope has never hurt anybody :) lol

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