Monday, January 11, 2010

The BBC goes Bowling for Scrappy's bday!


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To those of you not on twitter and not familiar with who the BBC is let me give a brief introduction. Rasheeda (@Rasheedagapeach -s/o to her for being so darn COOL! love her! lol. Always showing me love.), Diamond(see pic), Toya(see pic), Tiny (@tinymajormama), and (@kandiconnection)Kandi(and a few others from time to time- but thats the core group I'd assume) have branded themselves the BBC (Boss B Clique). They are all fly, and getting their money, working hard and they all are good friends. The tweet & meet I attended (see archive) was done by them as well. So, this past weekend they all(minus Tiny) went bowling to celebrate rapper Lil Scrappy's birthday! The tweets were hilarious! They kept twitter informed of who was winning, and who was sucking at the game, it was pretty fun to read.

On top of the game, love was definitely in the air for a couple of the ladies. So, maybe I've been living under a rock for the past few years, but I had NO clue that Diamond (Crime Mob) and Lil Scrappy are an item...or engaged for that matter. Also Toya and her love VP of A&R at Jive, Memphitz were there as well. Kandi mentioned on twitter that they were giving each other good luck kisses and cute right? So thanks to Freddyo who was invited to hang out with them, and the ladies for twitpic'ing, I have a few pics for you all! Of course we wish both couples the absolute best!

I was reading tweets this am and everybody is sooo happy for Toya (well Im sure some people are still hating, but as Kandi said its in their nature). Toya also tweeted about how happy she is right now...I hate to assume, but I will today that it was in reference to her boo due to the tweet she retweeted after. I think because she's become a household name and everybody can see how sweet she is, people just want her to be happy:) Im happy for both is beautiful and according to Freddyo, both couples are very much smitten!
Toya & Memphitz (@Memphitz) Click to follow Toya.. (I didnt take this pic, Freddyo did..but I thought the card was a lil tacky(understandable though!)..still I always give credit!

Diamond & Scrappy click to follow Diamond

You know its always great to get together with friends and just hang out! Happy Belated Scrappy and look for the BBC to shut 2010 down...please believe its already in motion. Enjoy TNT BabyKayKs
The original BBC crew plus a friend

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