Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask KayKi

Hey! I sent another ask KayKi a while ago, but you havent posted it. I sent it about SB. Did you get it? Now I have another question, lol. I love your blog and one of my favorite sections is KayKi's Closet. I love the section but cant afford any of that stuff! Can you post stuff that us regular people can afford lol?! Thank you soooo much for your blog. I let my lil sister read it, she's 13 and Id hate to think of her reading those other blogs!

Dear BabyKayK,

I love that your lil sister can read my blog. I try to keep it light around here. Ok, you have quite a few things that I need to address. About your Ask Kayki about SB... Im working on it!!! I promise!!!! I am actually in touch with him now regarding an interview. You are 1 of 2 people that have inquired about him, lol...and I promise asap I will have your interview posted! SB has been really busy lately with Nicki, so he's gonna get back with me when he can, but its definitely coming!! Also I have a few Ask KayKis that I havent answered. Some of which because I personally reply to them, or because Im still trying to get good enough answers for you all. Sorry for the delay! Dont worry, if I will not post it I will let you know!! If you havent heard from me, that means Im still working on it :)

Now about the KayKi's Closet! Girl, thats a great idea! I will definitely find more reasonably priced things to post for us regular people (including me!! :) ) I just post what I think is hot for inspiration or whatever. I'll be sure to find something super hot and generally affordable and mix it in with the regular posts!! Great idea, sorry about that! muah!


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