Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ask KayKi!

Tiny's Nail Bar does offer services to men as well! Peep the Major Manicure! Fellas we want yall to be!
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"What do you think about Tiny's Nail Bar?"
Hey girl. I know you live in Atl, I plan on coming there at the end of the month. Im from a small town and nobody has Minx nails or anything fly like that here, so I told myself when I come there Im going to get my nails did up! I follow Tiny from the Tiny and Toya show and I know she has a nail salon, do they do Minx and is it expensive. Have you been there? and if you have can you tell us if you liked it or not? I dont know anybody in Atl who would go get Minx so I thought to ask you if you liked her salon? I trust your judgement! Thank you as you would say TNT! Q

Dear BabyKayK,

First let me apologize for just now answering your "Ask KayKi". I emailed you personally to let you know that I was posting this today! I hadnt visited it before you sent this in, & since you thought enough of me to ask for my opinion I wanted to go and make sure that I could give you my own opinion :) So......I went! Again, I must say I really really love my BabyKayKs because
A.) Tiny's Nail Bar is no where near my house!! lol! I used to live over on that end of town, but now that is a heck of a drive for me!
B.) I am very very particular about who I allow to do my nails. I have been seeing the same technician for years, but for you Q..I went :)

The first thing I'll say is that you should prepare yourself for a little trip out to the nail bar if you're staying anywhere but on the southside..but its worth the drive. The moment I walked in I was greeted by everyone with a smile. My coat was taken, and my questions kindly addressed. Upon entering I had to fill out a customer info card, which I thought was cool. It will definitely help for them to keep tabs on the special needs of certain clients (allergies to products & such).

Emily at the front desk made sure I was comfortable, offered me a plethra of beverages and continued to check on me throughout my entire time there. Now, I went at an odd time during the day so it wasnt super busy, so she had time to attend to me personally. Something tells me though that she would try her best to give that attention to everyone if the place were packed- she just gave off that energy. I have never received such a warm welcome at a nail bar! I noticed the nail art she had done on her nails and the demo pieces sitting around and I was wowed! There are some serious technicians at Tiny's spot!

I was sat in front of Ronda who introduced herself and was very pleasant. She said she'd been working there along with the other technicians since the recent Grand Opening, but that she had been doing nails for 16 these arent amatuers! Now! The reason I have been going to the same technician for years is because nothing pisses me off more than a sloppy nail job, or a horrible experience at a nail salon. Ugh! So when I found someone who took their time and made sure my nails were as perfectly done as possible I stuck with her! Ronda let me know that if ever my girl isnt available she is more than qualified to do my nails!!

She was perfect. She treated my hands/nails with such care! I was teasing her because I brought in my own polish and whenever I use it I get annoyed because its that polish that streaks... and it looked perfect when she did it! I was like, thats what happens when you know what youre doing I guess, lol. Not only was Ronda great, but the products they use are wonderful as well. You will thoroughly enjoy a manicure there! Once Ronda completed her part, Milly came to do my Minx. She was just as pleasant and informative. They all talked to each other and sort of made me feel like I was hanging out with a bunch of women that I knew already. Another technician Kathy was there as well..they all were just really sweet! **Anybody who owns a business take notes. Nobody wants to walk into your place of business and feel a tense stuck up environment. I can vouch you will not experience that at Tiny's nail bar.**

Once the ladies finished my nails, I was led over to the drying area, which I'd peeped earlier and just thought it was a regular table. Everything in there is so cute,it didnt dawn on me that it was the drying station. Once I was dry, I told the ladies the reason behind my visit and they were all cool & asked to check out the blog!! Now, I wasnt even thinking about the fact that my last post was about the OMG Girlz, but they loved it anyway. They explained that the girls were just in yesterday and that they now offer the signature OMG Girlz (pictured below s/o to Emily for getting the pic to me :)) and T&T (Tiny&Toya of course) designs. As I left I was shown some other 3D designs that were dope and I got some recommendations for the MTMM section from Emily..Im gonna check the Tams out!:)

Signature OMG Girlz design available only at Tiny's Nail Bar

I had a great time. As for pricing..the prices are reminiscent of prices back home. $15 and up. They offer the basic things you'd get at other salons, but they also offer a lot more, so you should expect them to be a bit more expensive, but for the overall experience it is so worth it. So, I recommend you & any other BabyKayKs considering visiting Tiny's Nail go!! I give it 10 stars! The service, atmosphere, and skill of the ladies there all make for one heck of an experience. Also I feel its important to mention this...its not your typical nail spot.

Now, I have nothing against the people who own/operate most nail salons we frequent, heck my girl is Korean and I LOVE her, but it felt good to walk into a place and see different races in there. I felt some kind of way because this is the first time that I've had my nails done professionally by White & Black just dont see it. The reason you dont see it is not because they arent out there..thats for sure, Ronda & Milly hooked me up! :) So I can vouch for those two. Im sure though, based upon the work that I saw while in there by other technicians that any one of those women will hook you up & Emily will be there to make your visit as comfy as possible.

So go Q..enjoy yourself! Let me know what you think and send in a pic of your nails..whatever you want..Im sure they can do! Below is the contact info :)

Tiny's Nail Bar
3540 Walt Stephens Road
Stockbridge Ga 30281


Here are my nails I went for something basic but cute:)


  1. YES First to comment LOL!! I love the OMG Girls signature design. I also love the MINX you got... Like my girl Rasheeda would say... "MINX on the nails... I smell like money inhale."! My sister & I are dying to go to Tiny Nails but we all the way in NYC and it is COLD!! Thanks for keeping us updated on things over there in the "A"... hopefully my sis gets accepted to college down there and we get to go this summer.


  3. those nails are hot. u should do red and black with a plaid design on them

  4. First let me say i love the OMG GIRLZ:) and there signature design is BOSS i love it........and i want to say good jod on the new song:gucci this gucci that:) keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aw sweet! Have you checked out any of my latest posts of them? You should! xo